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How having sex just once a week is the best

Couples who have hitherto believed that romping in bed many times a week is a fail-safe way to keep the flame of their romance aglow are wrong, according to scientists. Once a week is the ideal number to keep romance and sexual attraction in tip top shape, they claimed. Anything less will make you miserable, and more than once is just exercise, punishing exercise.

Couples in the United Kingdom have been testing the new study with amazing result…and there are reports of contentment to the bargain. Couples, hitherto missing happiness, are excited and energized.In one study, researchers  at University of Toronto Missiasauga found that one can have too much sex which has no correlation to how happy a couple is. That you can actually reach your limit when it comes to the frequency of sex.

Many researches on sex frequency contained 6 facts, and here they are:

  1. The ideal number is once a week.
  2. Americans’ limit is five times a month.
  3. The quality of sex is more important than the number of times.
  4. Frequent sex drains energy and is not related to happiness.
  5. The researchers excluded singles.
  6. Intimacy is more important than constantly romping.

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