‘How I battled the odds to emerge Gulder Ultimate Chase winner’ – Austin Ikeasogbe


Delta born Austin Ikeasogbe emerged winner at the Chase leg of the ongoing Gulder Ultimate promo held in Lagos recently. In this interview, he bared his mind on factors that worked for and his ultimate determination to win despite the odds.


How did you get to know about the promo?

I saw it on television. When I saw the advert on television I told myself this was another opportunity to participate in the Gulder Ultimate promo. I have tried Gulder Ultimate Search twice and it didn’t work out because each time I got to the interview stage, I get screened off so I decided to give this another try.

I got my crown corks complete and made my way to the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. I was praying that it is only God that can do this for me and I give Him the glory. Even when I was running to National Theatre, I was already losing strength. But I prayed to God for strength. I told myself that even though I may not be the first person to get to National Theatre, I will still find the ultimate prize and thank God, He did it for me and I give him all the glory.

Was it difficult to locate the car keys?

I have watched Gulder Ultimate Search several times and I know it has to do with your intellect. You have to think deeply and understand every step you take. So, when I got the first clue, I tried not to forget the instruction because I knew it will lead me to the second clue. On the first clue, I saw something that talked about letter box. I knew it might be in the letter box but I found another clue that talked about mother and it was a bit confusing so, I ran past it but kept the first instruction of a letter box on my mind. When I saw the box, I went to open it and I saw the key at the back of the letter box.

What do you do?

For now, I am a graduate but no job yet. I am training to become a software engineer. I graduated from Delta State University in 2012 and I studied Business Education.

Tell us about your family background?

I come from a normal background; not too rich. My dad was a police officer who retired as a DPO. My mom works at the Federal High Court here in Lagos. I am just a normal guy, nothing much and I am looking for a job.

What is your advice to your colleagues who were unable to win the car today?

I just want to tell them that the race has not ended. More shows will be coming up so they shouldn’t give up. I have tried different kinds of promo. I am a gambler and I like to keep trying things out and leaving the rest to God. It is God that gave me this car because I wasn’t the first person to get here. I didn’t even have enough strength to run but I got the car keys.

So, now that you own a car what next?

First, I will dedicate the car to God because I made a promise that if I win the car, I will dedicate it to God and do thanksgiving to Him because He gave it to me.

How was your preparation before coming here?

My preparation was rough because getting the complete crown corks was difficult. Sometimes I went to bars and asked for Gulder and when I opened it I would not see the ultimate chase but I kept the crown corks and some people also helped me in getting them. And when it was complete, I now decided to come here.

From day one you wanted to win the car?

Yes. I told myself it is the car or nothing. When they were addressing us in the stadium they told us if you see an iPhone and you think you are okay with it you can pick it up and leave. But I decided I will not go for anything less than the car. For me, it was the car or nothing.

So, what would you have done if you didn’t win the car?

I would have said today is not my lucky day. I believe it’s God that gave me this car. I believe He has assigned that for me today. That is why I give Him all the praise.

Who prays for you?

I have a cousin who always stands by me. She always encourages me to pursue my dreams. At a point I wanted to be a footballer and she was there for me. Even when I went for the Gulder Ultimate Search, she signed for me.

Have you called any of your family members to tell them what has happened?

I have not. My bags and phone are still at the stadium so I have not been able to make contact with my family.

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