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‘How I changed the face of disc jockeying’ – DJ Jimmy Jatt

JIMMY Jatt is one of the few experienced and famous DJs we have around.  He’s been doing it for years while his experience at the game is said to be responsible for his endless list of fans.  In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the multi-talented show personality detailed what stands him out in his chosen career, how he’s been able to get himself a place in the league of the best and more.


You’ve been around for a while and you are about the most famous DJ to have come from this part, what’s your winning strategy?

jimmy-jatt-pic-1-e1407068670216There is no strategy.  It’s just so much love for what I do. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will definitely always be happy doing it and you will look for how you can make it better.  So, it’s just the passion that I have for what I do that drives me.  Another thing that helps is God’s grace and the appreciation you get from people.  That also makes me want to do more.

You are one of the finest DJs and obviously respected for bringing a lot of razzmatazz into the system, how were you able to do that so easily?

When I got into the DJ thing, it wasn’t that glamorous.  In fact, a whole lot of negativity was going on. People don’t respect DJs.  And definitely you would want young and upcoming DJs to have hope and say if I do this maybe I can make something out of it.  You do the best you can and make it look as good as possible just to encourage the younger ones to look up to you and say okay, I can at least do this and even go beyond it.

Is the experience when you started comparable to the situation now?

It’s the complete opposite.  Initially, when you play in a party, they don’t even want you to set up your stage inside the house.  They want you on the corridor or at the back of their house, because they don’t have any regard for what you do. But all that has changed now. They book you and the first thing they say is that they’ve booked you.  That’s attraction for the party.  But now, it’s like the headliner for events.  So, it’s changed totally.  It’s changed from when parents used to warn their children not to hang around with DJs.  Now parents want you to hang out with their family. It’s become something people respect.

What helped you on the way to the top?

Like I said at the beginning, it’s more of passion for what I do.  I love what I do and I always look for ways to make an impact.  I started getting positive comments from people which was very encouraging.  You just keep moving, just live up to expectation every time.  And in doing that you always have to look for something different from the last time.

So, we’ve moved from small parties to big concerts.  Even to TV, radio…it’s just a progression, you keep doing it one at a time.

DJ Jimmy Jatt boasts of first class equipment, what does it cost you to assemble these equipment?

For you not to get bored with a job you need to always work with the best of equipment.  So, once I hear there is a new set, I get it.  I own the best of DJ equipment, in the world.  That makes you feel great.  It’s like owning a good car, you would want to go out.  But if you have a rickety car that is likely to break down on the road you would not want to go out with it.  As a DJ, I want to do everything, I need to work with equipment that I’m proud of. We always go out to get the best.  And it doesn’t come cheap, really.  I’m just in love with equipment.  Not even as a DJ but right from when I was a kid.  My dad was an importer of electronics, so, I’ve been exposed to gadgets right from when I was young.  And I’ve always been a technology freak, so, if I hear of anything new, I’m getting it.

You are planning a show at Oniru Private Beach in few days time, what is it all about?

It’s happening at Oniru Private Beach, it’s kind of getting your fans to get a feel of you.  After the usual party, I do a lot of concerts and all that.  And then, I play outside the country a lot.  If you check the list, the average guy that is my fan does not get close to me.  The private party is for invited guests.  When you do it outside the country, the average guy on the street doesn’t get to see you.  The only thing is that most times they see you on TV or maybe the ones that are lucky to come to night clubs once in a while when you have a special night there.  So, sometimes you may want to take what you have for your fans.  And for me, the beach on a Sunday is just the best place to connect with my people, and it’s on July 5, 2009.

What kind of crowd are you expecting?

Young, fun loving, upwardly mobile people.  People that just like to have fun.  Those are the kind of people we are expecting. I mean, a whole lot of them.

What about the artistes?

A whole lot of them. I don’t want to start mentioning names.  You are going to see a whole lot of DJs, a whole lot of artistes.

But is the choice of Oniru Beach strategic?

Yes, I mean for a Sunday afternoon, the beach is ideal.  And then if you check Oniru in terms of location you will discover that it’s the best place for such a thing.

Your expectations from the show?

I expect a very lovely show.  We are hoping the rains won’t come that day. It’s definitely going to be a lovely show. I think the turn out is going to be great.  I’m doing it in conjunction with Papas Entertainment.  They are expert in parties and I have my own plus too.

Jimmy Jatt is a portrait of a young man doing excellently well in his chosen trade, with a lot of young ladies as fans by the side making advances every now and then.  How do you handle or cope with the pressure?

I don’t know why that question is on the female fans alone.  Let me tell you, fans are fans and they love you.  And of course, if people love you they would want to get close to you, no doubt about that.  It could be male or female, it now depends on how you handle them.  I’m one person that appreciates love. If people are trying to show you love, you must appreciate it.  And if not for your fans, you won’t be anywhere. If you don’t have fans it means you are not good. It’s not about what you do, its about how much people appreciate what you do.  And my fans are key, whether male or female.  And some people might take advantage of the fact that people show you love…some people just like you, they don’t even want anything from you. But some think that once people express appreciation and show you that they love you, you start thinking of another thing. I don’t have to do that, I have a family.  And I’ve been in this show business all my life.  I’m a veteran in the business.


  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 06, 2013



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