‘How I cope with male admirers’ – OGOMA OBI

OGOMA Obi is one of the promising entertainers right now.  Aside being an actress, she has also been into music for over six years and with a couple of albums to her credit.  When asked whether she is dumping music for acting as she seems to be one of the most sought after actresses right now by movie producers among her peers, she said no.  Instead, she promised to conquer both terrains.

The graduate of Environmental Sciences, University of Calabar, Cross River State told ENCOMIUM Weekly this and much more when we had a phone chat with her on Sunday, May 3, 2015.


How and when did the journey into acting begin?

I went to discuss my music video and the director asked me to do something for him on the set of a movie.  That’s how it all started a couple of years ago.

When did you start featuring in movies?

That’s about two years ago.

How would you describe your first camera experience?

That’s nerve raking.

How has the experience been since you started out?

It has been quite challenging but inspiring.  You just want to keep going and improving.

What have been the challenges so far?

I can’t say specifically what the challenges have been but I can only say every role to me is a new challenge.  And I keep coping as they come.

There is this public impression that movie producers and directors don’t feature up and coming actresses unless they warm their beds, what’s your comment on this?

You find such in every sector of the society.  So, you must be prepared for it.  I also think everyone has a choice to either accept the condition or walk away and wait for another chance.  Desperation to be a star is another issue.  Thank God I am not desperate.

That means you’re not among those that don’t sleep their ways to the top?

Yes, why will I do that?  Everybody has his or her time to shine, and I believe in God’s time.

But haven’t you been sexually harassed?

No, I have not been sexually harassed since I started out.

You’re a pretty lady, no doubt about that.  How do you cope with male admirers?

It’s something one can’t do without.  You just learn how to politely say no.

You’re an environmentalist, what informed acting?

I have always had passion for acting.  I love movies a lot.  I do not only act, I also write scripts.  Chico Ejiro has just shot one of my scripts and I co-produced Portfolio Ladies with another producer.  We just concluded filming. I have done a lot of jobs relating to acting.  I love acting despite the fact that I didn’t pursue it, I just stumbled into acting by chance.

What level do you intend taking acting to in five years?

I will love to be a household name in the movie industry.  I want to be counted among the most famous women.  And I am surely working towards that because one thing is to wish, it’s another thing entirely to have the ability to make your dreams come through.  Also, one needs to be consistent.

Let’s know a little of your love life.  Are you single and searching or married?

All I can say about my love life right now is that I am in a good place.  I had a broken engagement but I am cool.

How many movies have you participated in since you started out?

I have featured in over 30 movies.  Although, most of them are yet to be released into the market.

But you’re also into music, how long have you been singing professionally?

Yes, I have been into music professionally for over six years.  I am not alone, I am doing it with my sister, Moon Obi.  We have two videos on Youtube Mmama Chineke and Odogwu.  Our group name is DPress, coined from The Princesses.  We were into gospel music before my sister got married.  We have also recorded an album for some Igbo philanthropists in New York called Ugonwanne Circle of Friends in Christ, USA.  I also recorded another album for Odiche Ugonwanne Circle of Friends in Christ, Boston, USA, a few years ago.

Do you now intend dumping music for acting?

No, I am not dumping music for acting.  I see myself as an entertainer.  Look at JLo, Jamie Fox and many more.  I love both and wish to conquer both worlds.

Lest we forget, you said you once had a broken relationship, can you let us into the details of the breakup?

I am sorry, I can’t give you any detail on that.  But just as I said, I am in a good place now and I hope for the best.  Thank you.

Tell us a little of your background.

I hail from the royal family of Eze B.E Obi in Ubulu, Oru Local Government Area, Imo State.  I am a graduate of Environmental Sciences, University of Calabar.  I worked with MoHoliness Worldwide and Time Cash Nigeria Ltd.  Now, I am an entertainer, and I want to make a mark in the industry by the special grace of God.



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