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How Iya Rainbow’s 46 year old daughter died of ulcer

-Veteran actress moves to the UK

Veteran actress cum film maker, Idowu Phillip, famously known a Iya Rainbow is yet to come to terms with the death of her beloved daughter, Sola Osborne, who passed away on Thursday, January 14, 2016, after a protracted battle with ulcer.

The popular film maker, an industry source informed ENCOMIUM Weekly has been relocated to Manchester, United Kingdom for adequate attention by her first son, Femi Phillip pending the time she will recover from the shock.

The source also revealed to us that Sola’s husband, Osborne George has also been moved from his Ogun state residence to a private location by his family for him to recover fully from the trauma of being his beloved wife of over 25 years.

Iya Rainbow is still very devastated at the moment. She is yet to get over her daughter’s death. She so much loved Sola because she was the backbone of her church, C&S Ori Oke Gbobe Mii at their compound in Ojodu. Lola was a prophetess in the church and that’s why mama handed over almost everything concerning the church to her. Any time mama wasn’t around, she was always confident that everything would go as planned. Now, Sola is gone, everybody was away including Iya Rainbow would surely miss her.

“Now, I learnt mama has been moved to the UK so that her son, Femi Phillip can take good care of her. And I don’t think she would come back to Nigeria any time soon. The incident had really affected her career this year because she has a lot of movie scripts to attend to from producers.”

On the cause of Sola’s death, the source said, I learnt Aunty Sola was an ulcer patient and she was always on marathon fasting which is not good enough for someone like that. But being a prophetess, she felt she had to fulfill her calling. That’s why she always fasted. But I learnt she suddenly collapsed the evening she returned from a spiritual retreat. And she was rushed to a private hospital in the vicinity. But eventually she died the following morning. So painful.”

One of the church members who spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly on Monday, January 23, 2016, under the condition of anonymity corroborated the earlier submission, disclosing that Sola died of ulcer complication due to regular fasting.

“It’s true Prophetess Sola died of ulcer. But I think her health situation was worsened by too much of fasting. She was always on dry fasting being a prophetess. Her death is painful to all of us in the church, not only her family. She was such a good woman, we all loved her.

“No dobut, her vacuum in the church will be difficult to fill. Mama is yet to get herself back. Even she’s in the UK now with her son, Femi Phillip.”

Prophetess Sola Osborne, 46, daughter of famous theatre practitioner, Idowu Phillip (Iya Rainbow), reportedly suffered ulcer attack at exactly 11:45pm on Thursday, January 14, 2016 and was rushed to Tomade Hospital, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos, where she finally gave up the ghost the following morning.

Sola was said to have planned to travel to the US that same day she breathed her last. She was buried at Atan Cemetery, Yaba, Lagos, amid tears by family, church members and sympathizers from far and near.

She is survived by her actress mother, Iya Rainbow, siblings, husband and four children –  Esther, Lekan, Oke and Ayo Osborne.


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