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How landlords coped with tenants in 2016

2016 was a year many can’t forget in a hurry. And evidence is all over the place.

ENCOMIUM Weekly can reveal authoritatively that most landlords and their tenants had sour relationships during the year as a result of recession that hit the country high, especially towards the end of third quarter of the year. This invariably made it impossible or extremely difficult for some tenants to pay their rent as usual which didn’t go down well with some landlords as most of them depend largely the rent.

Few of the landlords ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on the ugly situation groaned, urging the government to do something urgent to re-awaken the slumbering economy so that average Nigerians can afford rent as at when due in other not to be causing undue crisis between them and their respective tenants.


‘I didn’t enjoy my relationship with my tenants in 2016’ – CHIEF AKINWOLA ADEWALE

2016 has come and gone. We thank God for life. But concerning your question, I must say the truth, I didn’t enjoy my relationship with my tenants because not all of them could pay their rents as at when due. Even, I have two among them that threatened me.

So, I had to take it easy with them. I believe when there is life, there is hope. I have among them one that has not paid a dime since 2015, but there is nothing I can do because I understand his situation that he has lost his job. So, that’s one of the problems the poor economic situation caused the nation as a whole. We just have to live with it until things become better.


‘It was a bitter experience’ – OLADELE ANJOFE

The year was unfavourable to most of us landlords. Many of our tenants were unable to pay due to economic hardship. Even, some of them have lost their jobs. I rented out about four flats in Ojodu, only one person paid up to date, the rest are still owing me. And each time I invite them for a meeting, it’s one story or the other.

I even threatened to eject them, two of them pleaded for more time. Only one that proved stubborn was served a quit notice in December last year. But to say the truth, the experience wasn’t pleasant at all.


‘I treated my tenants like my relatives because I understood their conditions” – ALHAJI SANUSI ADEOYE

Although, it was difficult coping in 2016 as a landlord, I got to a stage I didn’t have a choice than to soft pedal with my tenants. I had to see them as my family members after understanding what they were going through. Most of them couldn’t cope again with the rent, and that’s why I didn’t bother to increase it. Almost all of them owe me. The least among them was six months. But I had to put myself in their shoes.


‘It’s not easy at all’ – SUNDAY OLAORE

There were lots of crises between landlords and tenants in my area in 2016. We still have about 17 cases we’re resolving at our Community Development Association level. Many tenants are still owing and they refuse to vacate their apartments. Some few cases are even in court now.

In my house in Haruna area of Ifako-Ijaye, Lagos, two of my tenants couldn’t pay since their rents were due in August last year, but I had to be lenient with them due to the country’s economic situation. So, it has not been easy even up till this moment.

We only pray that government finds lasting solution to the nation’s economic problems and provide employment for those who have lost their jobs and fresh graduates so that there will be peace between the landlords and their tenants in 2016.


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