How long we have abstained from sex – Couples reveal bedroom secrets


Sex is an integral part of a relationship, and couples shouldn’t deny each other the pleasure that comes with it. sampled opinions of married couples on how long they have abstained from sex.

And here are their responses:




Mr Ojonla Adelu

I think about seven months. My wife was pregnant then and she was having complications. We were advised to stay off sex till she put to bed, which we did.


Madam Alice Joseph

I am not a sexually active woman; I don’t enjoy sex as such. So, I don’t have it often.

I have gone for one year without sex, my husband wasn’t around for like nine months. He traveled abroad for a nine month course. Before he traveled, we didn’t meet for almost three months.


Mr. Solomon

The longest period I abstained from sex was two months. My wife just put to bed through C S, she was so sensitive that you mustn’t touch her tummy. All efforts to teach her another method proved abortive so I had to wait. Her wound didn’t heal up on time, they had to re-stitch the place again. So, I gave her a break.


Mr. Olanrewaju

The highest is two weeks. She was away for two weeks and we resumed when she came back.

I can’t stay for five days without touching her, I can’t do it.

While she was away, I was always asking, when are you coming back? She didn’t know it was just for that  purpose.


Mrs. Felicia

Maybe two weeks. Left for me, I can stay for months without it but my oga will be complaining that he didn’t go out and I was still starving him. I don’t know if the thing is food sef.


Mr. Abah

The maximum is a week. Once the two of us are healthy, I don’t think there is any reason for us to stay apart for more than a week. Even when she had our children, we usually resumed a week after.


Madam Barbara

It is not a good thing for couples to stay away from each other for long. Except if either of them is not fit for that. I don’t deny my husband except when I put to bed and I am not strong enough for such. Apart from delivery stress, the longest time we have been apart is three days.


Mr. Noah

I make sure I have sex every week. My wife is still young; I don’t want another man to take over my responsibilities.

May be when she puts to bed or she is sick. But as for me, I have never been so sick to the extent of not touching her It has never happened and it wouldn’t happen.


Mr. Jerry Johnson

May be two months. That was during the beginning of the year’s fast in my church. We had almost two months to fast, there was total abstinence in my family in order to prepare for the year.

I can’t remember any other time. Even while she was pregnant, we were more sexually active than when we weren’t expecting a child.


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