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How much an average wedding should cost

A wedding is a thing of joy, everybody likes to be part of it but the question is, how much is enough to stage a wedding ceremony? 

These questions are what some Nigerians provided answers to this week in our opinion poll.


Mr Chukwura

The average budget of a wedding cannot be definite, it’s different strokes for different folks unless you want to be like the Joneses. It’s not according to your size but according to your cloth. Boycott all the ‘boycottables’ according to the late veteran politician, Mazi Mbonu Ojike. These days, nuptials are held mid-week to attract less attendance.


Adebola Kola

I don’t think there is an average cost to it, just cut your coat according to your cloth. One million can be an average cost for me and it wouldn’t be for the next person, it all depends on your pocket.

At least N500,000 should stage a good wedding.


Doyin Moyinoluwa

Noone can determine how much, but you have to scale down your budget according to what you have in your pocket so that you wouldn’t incur debt.


Ibechukwu Omeize

It all depends on your budget, location of where the wedding will take place, just have in mind about N700,000 because of the downturn in the economy. With that amount, you can have a very great event and everybody will be satisfied.


Kemi Olaoye

I think with N300,000 one can stage an average wedding. Once you don’t have to get an event venue, some people have their weddings within the church premises, you already have a venue, chairs, musical instruments. It is just feeding of the guest, what the couple would wear that remains.


Stella Ademola

If you want to have a small scale wedding, get ready for N400,000 on an average. No need for a hall, an open field would do, then what you and your wife would wear, feeding of the guests, that is all.

I don’t think it is possible to spend less than that.


Victor Olabisi

You can’t just guess, you have to check your pocket. Things are so expensive now, it is advisable to do something within your pocket. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t spend like N500,000 considering the fact that you have to feed your guests, buy clothes, and other necessary things.


Ebi Oluwatubosun

Just prepare about N500,000, that should be enough to do something moderate.

It is important to calculate well so that one will not run into debt.

A wedding is a thing of joy, everyone wants to get married but it should be done on one’s budget.




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