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The super rich don’t cut corners, calculate or agonise over how much they splash on their children! For the well-heeled, money is not an object when it comes to the welfare and well being of their offsprings.

From pregnancy to university and beyond, the best on offer anywhere in the world is what counts. And after their children are wedded, they go to any length to pamper them, putting at their beck and call the most exclusive money can buy, from cradle well into adulthood and almost throughout their lives.

The cost of raising a super rich kid is usually determined by the major areas of expenditure such as healthcare, food, education, clothing, vacation, etc.

The display of wealth and affluence starts at pregnancy, where the woman registers at the best hospital in town, where she can get superlative attention for herself and her baby. In such hospitals, a day can easily be compared to a pampering spa and getaway, a private five star suite reading luxury. The choice hospital for the rich might be Premier Specialist Medical Centre or Reddington Hospital where a specialist is at the woman’s beck and call. The rich don’t mind parting with N1 million for this purpose.

Apart from the regular ante-natal, about three months to delivery, she travels abroad . She flies  first class which cost about N1million. Such a woman will not be allowed to travel alone because of her condition. She goes with a help mate who flies on economy at N250,000.

Before her departure, a nursery is already set with perfect interior decor to suit the sex of the baby. Filled with toys, choice clothing, court and a host of colourful things for children in preparation for the baby’s arrival. This is estimated to the tune of N1 million.

Another nursery is prepared abroad, where the child is raised for the first three months before heading back to Nigeria. About N1million is also estimated for it.

On arrival abroad, the best hospital is chosen, opting for Chelsea and West Minster Hospital London. The hospital charges $10,000 per birth (N2.2million). The hospital is specially designed for mothers seeking intimate and exclusive care. If the mother requires a CS, they charge $13,300. However, consultants’ fees are billed separately. While abroad, she beckons for assistance from Thailand, hiring a Thai maid and a British nanny, makes uniform for them, shares her luxury with them to a reasonable extent. The two helpers take charge of the nursery and the baby upon arrival from the hospital. Not willing to spare a cost for this purpose, they part with N1 million.

Heading back to Nigeria, the madam boards a flight on first class, while her nanny economy.

The cost continues to soar as the child starts school. For a child born with a silver spoon, the best and most expensive school is the choice. Starting pre nursery at a school in the league of American International School where parents pay N2 million per session for a child.

Proceeding to primary school, British International School might be their choice, where parents  pay N2 million per session for primary one through 6 years.

Relocating the child abroad is the first thought that comes to the super rich’s mind, most especially when the child is through with primary school. Boarding a flight to London on economy at N250,000, the child goes to resume secondary school. Their choice might be Wellington College where parents pay £11,925. While in school, the child travels about six times a year for holiday, Christmas, mid terms and festivities. The child takes economy class worth N250,000 any time he or she is going for vacation.

After secondary school, the child proceeds for A levels at Hartwood House or ACS Cobhams International or Winchester, they are reputable schools for A levels, and they charge £32,000.

After secondary school, the child heads for university. Some of the best university abroad charge £10-£14,000 pounds per session.

Naturally, the rich supplement their children’s education with expensive enrichment activities such as music, riding, dance lessons which usually cost N200,000 per month.

From birth to university, the super rich spare no cost in adequately taking care of their children. To raise a super rich’s child, their parent part with N128.3million.

However, the cost of feeding, medicare, clothing and accommodation are not included.


Antenatal                                            N800,000

Flight                                                     N1 million

Nanny’s flight                                    N250,000

2 baby’s room                                    N2 million

Hospital                                                N3 million

Maid and nanny                               N 1million

Pre to nursery                                   N8 million

Primary                                                                N12 million

Flight for sec. sch                             N250,000

Secondary school                             N60,102,000

Travelling 6 six time for 7yrs        N3,000,000

University                                           N16,080,000

Special activity                                   N800,000

A Level                                                 N14 million

Total                                                      N128.3 million

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