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How Nigerians are preparing for the general elections (2)

Few days to the 2015 general elections, Nigerians seem well prepared to exercise their civic responsibilities. And here is how they are gearing up for the March 28 and April 11, 2015 polls.


‘I will be relaxing with my family at home’ – ISAAC OGUNTOYE

From experience I know what to expect. Though I think this year’s elections will be different. For me and my family, we will be having the weekend to ourselves. More like a weekend getaway. The stress of Lagos is too much and this is an opportunity to relax with the family.


‘The fear of the election is in the heart of the people’ – CAROLINE EFURU

I have been receiving some broadcasts that we should stock food. For what? I don’t know why people specialise in fear and causing panic. It will be like a normal weekend, just that people will be indoors or go out to vote.


‘We are not voting on March 28’ – PRECIOUS CHINKATA

The truth is that my wife and I are not part of the general elections. The reason is simple. We don’t think our votes would count. Besides, we registered in Abia and can’t travel home to vote. We were actually ready to do that in February before they shifted the elections.


‘I’m very much prepared’ – CLEMENT AKPAMGBO JNR.

I’m very much prepared for the election because it means a lot to us as a nation. I’ve got my PVC. I’ve also encouraged my friends and relatives to come out enmasse and vote.


‘This election is none of my business’ – GLADYS OGBONNA

It’s unfortunate, I have nothing to do with this election. Something tells me the incumbent president might act funny since his electoral fortunes have dwindled considerably. So, anything they like, let them do, I’m not stepping out that day to vote.


‘I have PVC now, I can vote’ – MARY ITSELE

I am ready for the elections. I collected my PVC not quite long. I thought I won’t vote but now I have the card and I must vote. Nigeria needs change, we’re tired of life without evidence of tomorrow.


‘I am not preparing for elections because…’ – OYENMA EMMANUEL

I am not preparing for elections because I don’t have my PVC. During the time of distribution, I was unable to get registered due to the long queues.


‘We are ready for the elections’ – SAIDI OGUNTUNDE

We’re all preparing for the elections in our family. We’re very much particular about the presidential election. But our prayer is that political thugs won’t cause violence that day.


‘I will be home all day’ – BUNMI OGUNJOBI

Yes, there is a lot of pressure in town, a lot of people think there will be violence. I am really careful. I will be home all day, I registered on the island and I live in Ogun State, so, I will not be voting that day.


‘I don’t trust our government’ – OLUWAFUNMIBI JOSHUA

Yes I am, there is usually violence during elections and I don’t trust our government. They are playing politics with everything. I am not preparing in any way, they might even postpone the elections.


‘I don’t have a special preparation for the elections’ – ANWANA UNENE

I don’t have a special preparation for the elections, but I believe everything is in God’s Hands. I am only waiting for that day to come so that I will go and vote to whom it’s due to.


‘I am preparing very well’ – PAMEL ESSIET

I am preparing very well. I am also going through some training with INEC because on the elections. I will be working for INEC as an official.

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