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How Nigerians are preparing for the general elections

Three weeks to the 2015 general elections, Nigerians seem well prepared to exercise their civic responsibilities. And here is how they are glaring up for the March 28 and April 11, 2015 polls.


‘My plan is to leave Lagos for my hometown’

I am planning on leaving Lagos for my hometown. I want to participate in the politics of my state, not to continue developing Lagos. I will be involved in sensitizing people so they can come out and participate.



‘No, I am not voting’

I don’t have any special preparation. Besides, this is not the first election I will be experiencing, and like they say, experience is the best teacher. That Saturday, I will just be in my house. No, I am not voting.



‘I am willing to vote but I don’t understand them’

I am willing to vote, but we don’t understand the way they are postponing the date of the election.



‘I can’t vote because I have to vote where I registered’

I actually registered at work, so I can’t vote because I have to vote where I registered.



‘When Nigeria is good, my life will be good’

I have my card, so I am 100 percent ready. When Nigeria is good, my life will be good as well by all ramifications. It’s my civic right.



‘I am not voting’

I am not voting, I don’t want to risk my life. Where I registered, there are too many people that look like fighters and trouble makers. So I don’t want any fight that will cut my life short.



‘I’m afraid there would be post election violence’

I’m really apprehensive about the March 28, 2015 election. It is obvious there would be post election violence if security agencies are not alert. As for preparation for the poll, I have got my PVC. I’m also planning to send my aged mother home so, she wouldn’t be a burden if there is any crisis.



‘We’ve stocked our house with food’

Yes, I’m afraid. The opposition might react violently if the result of the election does not favour them. So, we are ready for that. We have stocked our house with enough food, should there be any problem.


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