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‘How often we wear pants’ – Ladies reveal intimate secrets

A lot of ladies find it comfortable not to wear undergarments, even when they are stepping out of the comfort of their homes, while some ladies can’t do without wearing one. ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of ladies, married women on if they can do without pants.



How often do you wear pants?

I wear pants every day, I can’t do without them. I don’t see reasons for not wearing it anyway.

Is there a day you would step out without wearing pants?

No, there is no day I will go out without pants because I will feel very uncomfortable and I wouldn’t want people to notice such. Instead of me going out without pants, I prefer to wear G-string.



I wear pants every day. I can’t do without wearing pants. Even when I am not going out, I still wear pants.

No, I can’t think of any reason. I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I will even feel naked.



I wear pants every day.

Not wearing pant is equivalent to walking naked, I don’t think I will be comfortable. I do wear pant and thighs mostly on gowns.



I wear pants. Once in a day. But don’t wear it to bed at night. I can’t imagine myself going around pant less.

As for if there is any day I would step out without wearing pant, I think that sounds crazy. But I have done it in couple of days. I can count the number of times I have done it.



I don’t really put on paint every day, especially when I wear trouser that is tight.

Yes, I have gone out without pants before. That is when my trousers are too tight and I don’t want to change the trouser I am wearing.



Yes, I wear pant everyday and I put it on when sleeping.

I have not gone out without wearing pant before. I would be feeling naked.



I wear pants all through the day and most times all through the night, but sometimes sleep naked, depending on the weather.

I wear pants every day. I don’t think there is a day I can leave the house without wearing pants. I don’t wear it at night if I want to sleep.



I wear pants every day. I have not gone out before without wearing pants.

When I am stepping out. It is a must. You never know when your period would show up.



I don’t wear pants every day. It irritates my skin.

I wear it maybe two times a week. And if I would wear it would be G-string. Normal pants give me rashes.



I wear when I feel like wearing. I don’t wear every day. Maybe when my period is getting close, I manage to wear .

Yes, countless numbers of days. Like I said earlier, when I am on, I wear them. Pants can’t just stay on my bum. I don’t know why. I have tried several times.



I wear maybe three times a week. If I am on, I wear more often.

I don’t wear most days. I had serious rashes sometimes back and my doctor adviced me to allow it have a breathing space. I just decided to stay off.



As often as possible. Whenever I am going out, I wear it but not when I get home.

It is rare. I love G-string, it is as if you are not wearing a pant so it is okay for me.



As often as possible. I wear it every day. I use two pants per day. Wear one out and change when I get home to another one.

No, unless I am wearing a tight.



Not so often. I have bum shorts I wear. If I am wearing anything tight, I wear a G-string.

Yes, most times you will see me wearing bum short or boxers. I don’t have big bum so those short stuffs I wear help give me a bit of what I lack.



I don’t wear pants. I wear artificial bum. My bum is too flat. It makes me look like a guy.

Most times I don’t wear pant but the bum.



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