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How often you should wash bedsheets, towels and more…

Everyday items need regular washes and wipes to prevent infection and illness. But how often should you change bedsheets and towels? And how do you clean your phones and ear phones?

Researches have made everything easy by recommending the way out…

1. Bedsheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers – Every week at 60 degrees centigrade. Then, iron.

2. Towels – After the third use at 60 degrees centigrade. Don’t forget to hang to dry after every use, and never share.

3. Ear phones – Daily with anti-bacterial wipe. And clean before and after sharing.

4. Jeans – Wash after the third wear.

5. Bras – Hand wash after fourth wear. But sports bra should be washed at 60 degrees centigrade after each use.

6. Kitchen floor – Sweep everyday, and mop weekly with disinfectants.

7. Mobile phones – Clean with anti-bacterial wipes many times daily.

8. Hand bags and purses – Clean weekly with anti-bacterial wipes, and never put them on the floor.

9. Keyboard – Wipe them weekly, but everyday if you share.

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