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‘How our businesses have fared so far in the last three quarters’- ENTREPRENEURS (2)

Entrepreneurs are optimistic that the last quarter of 2015 will be far better than the last nine months. Many of them acknowledge that the economy needs urgent attention so as to translate to better businesses…



I won’t say things were all that bad, business wise in the last three quarters. No matter how tough the economy might have been, I still have every reason to thank God. I believe it’s not peculiar to my profession alone. I only hope for the better in this last quarter of 2015. And by the special grace of God, we will all have a reason (s) to celebrate a better Nigeria.




My business performed well as projected. We worked hard to increase customer base and retain existing customers. That generated a good margin for the same period compared to last year.

We are projecting a similar trend and even better as Christmas is a boom time for us. We foresee exceeding forecast.



Since the beginning of this year till around June, which formed the first two quarters of 2015, I will say my business was better off because there was a little free flow of money, and that really helped transactions. But since the commencement of President Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade coupled with the introduction of different banking rules, many businesses, including mine have been stagnant.

For three months, I have not cleared any goods from overseas. Myself and my staff are just redundant till now. I won’t deceive you, things are really tough now but I am praying and hoping that normalcy returns before the year runs out. That’s just my expectation so that I can recover all the previous losses.



Sprinkles and Cocktails

Business has been dragging. The last three quarters was like a resting time for me, but we just pray that the remaining one will be better and things will pick up. The election and economic problems are making people think twice about their needs and not things they want.



The economy generally wasn’t that favourable to almost all businesses at the beginning of this year. At a time, it was fluctuating, and that really affected every sector and entertainment wasn’t an exception. So, my business as well has not been that okay in the last three quarters.

But my expectations on this last quarter of 2015 are very high. And I believe, with God on my side, things will be better soon.



Ever After

My assessment of the first three quarters of the year is good at least better than the year before. By God’s grace, I expect the last quarter to be better since it’s going to be a festive season.



Bisiano Signatures

Business was dull during the last three quarters.

Things have started picking up now. I hope that the last quarter will be full of harvest.



X5 Media Concepts

Business has been topsy turvy this year really, just like every other year. We had to overcome such pretty tough challenges, especially during the last days of Jonathan’s government when fuel scarcity hit hard. That period coupled with the devaluation of the naira really bit hard. We have been on a recovery from all that lately thankfully. The last three months of the year is usually a busy period for us in printing business, so I look forward to a good time and meeting or surpassing my targets.



Shedico Global

One thing that stands out this year is the elections, but for us in my business, the inconsistent nature of the value of the naira has really affected us. The worst part about it apart from the fact that naira became weak, you cannot accurately make projections because you are not sure what the value figures would be by so and so time. I expect that since naira is a little consistent now, we can make better plans and profit as a result.

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