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How parents keep their children busy this holiday (2)

Long vacations is sometimes a nightmare for parents because of where they would keep their children and wards while they are away at work.  The resources needed to keep them busy is another thing to worry about. We sampled opinions of parents on how they are keeping their children entertained and how much it cost to keep them at home a during this long vacation…


Agnes Ifeanyi

They go for summer lessons and come home in the afternoon. I ensure l engage them, they always pray I come back late every day. I ensure they are not idle at all, it is when they are idle that one person would pick quarrel and it will lead to another thing.

Feeding them has just been God, we are doing our bit and leaving the rest to God. Holiday coaching would soon be over now, I just pray things will be better before resumption.


Mrs Baje

It seems the holiday will not be over again. I really cannot wait for it to be over. At the same time, I am already thinking of resumption, I have a very long list that I have not attended to. But now, they are taking part in the holiday lessons which will be over very soon.

In terms of coping, I can only say it is God. I can’t quantify how much we have spent on feeding alone, I can’t just wait for the break to be over and that is another nightmare. We are far from being prepared for resumption, all the minor things I am supposed to buy are not yet bought. We are just in the hands of God really.


Shoyingbe Toyin

They are still going for the holiday coaching, though I learnt it will be over very soon. That has been a saving grace for me really because of where they would be staying, they can’t stay at home alone. I am trying to save cost by not taking them to day care. I just ensure they stay in school after their classes, at least the school gave us that grace. I go to pick them when I close and I try to close earlier at work than usual now.

We don’t have any choice than to cope, we brought them to this world, we have to take up our responsibilities as parents. I ensure I support my husband with the financial assistance that will not make him feel the load.


Madam Obahor

They are fine, they are home either sleeping or watching movies. We didn’t bother to register them for the holiday classes just to reduce expenses. They are free to watch movies, the only thing we did was to subscribe to StarTime, that will keep them busy for a number of period. I also give them home work. I have gotten a print out of their scheme of work before the end of last term and I ensure I bombard them with enough to keep them busy if there is no light.

We are trying our best to feed them as much as we can, sometimes two times in a day, at times, three times a day. But I must confess since the holiday started, we have spend a lot. I had to take items on credit at times so they can have enough to eat.


Ekundayo Umoh

I didn’t bother to enroll them for the summer coaching since we wouldn’t be in the country. My mother in law is based in Ghana, she invited us for the holiday so I took my leave as well. We have been there for almost a month now, we are coming back first week in September.

Thank God that we are not at home, I don’t know how I would have coped. At times I feel for my in law but she has been making us extra comfortable.


Mrs Shadare

We thank God for life, God has been good to us. My children go for lesson daily except Fridays. My husband drops them on his way to work and I pick them on my way home. They will be home with me for the rest of the day.

We thank God for his faithfulness, we are coping by His grace. We take them out sometimes on weekends to the cinema to watch movies or to play games.

We set budget for the holiday, got the necessary provisions and food stuffs. At least not less than N50,000 has been spent.


Mrs. Briggs

Thank God for the extra classes, it has kept them busy to a very great extent. They go in the morning and come back in the afternoon. By the time they are back they would be able to stay for three hours before either me or my husband comes back from work.

Feeding has been another thing entirely. We have been spending on that, it is like their tanks are now bigger and no matter what you give them, within the next 15 minutes they are already complaining of hunger.


Mrs. Raymond

We are trying our best. We have put some things in place with the hope that they would get busy with it . First is the holiday coaching, they will also go for holiday after the coaching. They are coming back a week after resumption.

We are coping with the expenses as well. We just have to cope.

We just have to stock the house with food so they wouldn’t starve.


Kemi Oni

They have gone for holidays. They are with my sister in law in Abuja, they will be back when school resumes. I believe they are enjoying themselves over there. I don’t even bother to ask her how they are faring, they should just stay there till school resumes.

I don’t have to worry about feeding since they are not at home.


Funsho Fasipe

Coping with the children has not been difficult by God’s grace. They didn’t go for the summer coaching because they had to travel. They have gone to their gra ma’s house for the break.

I trust the old woman she can pamper children silly.

We had to send her money so the burden will not be too much. The children are enjoying their lives, they go to farm and see it as fun, thank God for gra ma’s.


Yinka Agboola

Thank God for schools and teachers, I wonder how I would cope if not for them. They are still in school, l mean the holiday coaching is still on, that keeps them easy during the day at least. I leave them to enjoy themselves after lesson.

God is all we depend on to take care of us all.  We are doing all we can to provide the necessities.


– Shade Wesley Metibogun for 


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