How SARAH OYEDIYA won Onga competition for tertiary institutions

OYEDIYA Temitope Sarah is a final year student of University of Lagos.  She is the winner of Onga competition for tertiary institutions held in December 2014.  Temitope won a brand new Kia Rio. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about her winning strategy.


How does it feel winning?

PICSIt is very exciting. I have never gone for a cooking competition before.  People went for competitions and came back the same, I thank God for making mine fruitful.

What gave you an edge over others?

I don’t really know. I think I was neat. My table was neat and well arranged.  I was able to do all my cooking quickly.  That is what I think.  I am not part of the judges, they knew what they wanted. I just thank God I won.

How did you get on board from the first stage of the competition?

I was going to my faculty from my house.  I saw a poster at the gate indicating that there was a cooking competition.  Onga’s stand was also around the place. I walked up to them and I was told to get three wrappers of Onga.  That was what I did.  I submitted them. I was told there will be a raffle draw.  Early the next day, I got a call that I was picked from my faculty.  I was told to come back the following day.

What was your winning prize?

I got a deep freezer at the first stage.  I won at the first stage to represent my school at the final stage.  I emerged winner from 14 institutions that put in for the competition and I was given a Kia Rio 2014 edition.

Which cuisine did you prepare that won you the two prizes?

I prepared amala and okro soup at the semi-final where I won and was given a deep freezer and another opportunity to represent UNILAG in the overall competition.  At the final, I prepared Eba and okro.  It was like a ballot, we picked what to prepare.  They gave us money to buy all the necessary things we were to use.  They also supplied some other things and we cooked.

Where did you learn how to cook?

From watching my mother cook.  I don’t really cook myself, my mom does the cooking.  But she used to teach me as she cooked.

What was your mother’s reaction when you won?

She was very excited.  My father was also excited.  My mother even told me to try new things after winning the first competition. She said they might give me a cuisine I don’t know how to cook.  I didn’t even bother about it.  I don’t know what gave me the confidence.  I was just relaxed about it.  I thank God that it was something I could do.

How many judges were on board?

Four judges, three women and one man.

What has winning the competition done for you and your family?

It has changed the lot of the family. I am now an ambassador in my family and community.

What will you do with the car, are you selling it or giving it to the family?

I am not selling it.  I have learnt how to drive. I was driving when you called to speak with me.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a final year student of UNILAG, studying Law. I am from a family of four children.  My mother is a trader and my father a businessman.



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