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How Seun Egbeegbe’s iPhone theft trial will play out

The trial of Seun Egbeegbe, controversial music and film promoter arraigned on Thursday, November 24, 2016, before an Ikeja  (Lagos) magistrate court, will take a minimum of two years if diligently prosecuted.
With long adjournments, a painstakingly plotted trial cannot be fast forwarded as evidenced with the February 8, 2017, next date of  hearing.
Most cases get two months interval of adjournments.
And with the defence always planning to  frustrate the trial, it may last longer than two years. Coupled with absence of prosecution or defence in court with all sorts of reasons and excuses invented, their witnesses not ready or hesitant, unavailability of the magistrate sometimes, we may have a long wait.
If the proof of evidence is meticulously compiled, with the pictures, videos and statements of witnesses logically chronicled, the case is tighter to prove.
But if shoddy, the accused may be in for a picnic in the park…

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