How South Korean Air Lines executive’s ‘nut rage’ boosted macadamias sale 

South Korean retailers are experiencing an unexpected boom in sales of macadamias after Cho Hyun-ah, the daughter of Korean Air’s chairman, went into a fit of rage and ordered a flight attendant off a December 5 flight from New York City after she was served in a bag, instead of on a plate.

The flavourful macadamia nut was unfamiliar to many South Koreans until the incident, nevertheless, it is now a household name in South Korea and sales are booming.

Auction, a South Korean unit of eBay and South Korea’s second-largest e-commerce website, confirmed that sales of macadamias surged nearly 12-fold during the previous five days without any promotions.

Similarly, South Korea’s largest online shopping retailer, Gmarket, also owned by eBay, said Macadamia nut sales jumped 20 times during the next six days compared with the previous week.




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