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How the colour of your underwear affects your mood!

In a scientific research done by colour-response analyst, Anjel OBryant, it was discovered  that the colour of your underwear determines your mood and energy.
According to her, “Every colour vibrates energy at different levels, it doesn’t matter if you can see them or not. It goes through your skin, over your whole body and into your brain.”
Colours like black, brown, white or grey are a no-no because it cancels the energy and not good for your mood. While colours like red, deep blue, aqua and pale blue vibrates good energy.
Anjel says women should wear deep blue underwear when going for important interviews because it vibrates the energy, ‘I’m very professional.’ For men, she suggested navy blue suit, aqua and teal ties that have no stripes and a pale blue shirt.
Also adding that 55 per cent of what people treat you like is what they can visually see. “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so pick your colours carefully”.
Here are what each colour means and the energy it vibrates:
·         Blue: ‘I’m executive, trust worthy and self-reliant’
·         Red: ‘I’m sexually active and an extrovert’
·         Green: ‘I’m secure and care about others’
·         Aqua Green: ‘I’m calming’ also good for the heart.
·         Maroon: ‘I’m sociable and sensuous’
·         Mauve: ‘I’m spiritually sensitive’
·         Yellow: ‘I’m a social animal and intelligent’
·         Orange: ‘I’m a great communicator and action orientated.’
·         Pink: ‘I’m compassionate, hug me!’
·         Purple: ‘I’m a guru and I am loyal’
·         Pale Blue: ‘I’m creative’
·         Gold jewelry: ‘Im expensive, and noble’
·         Silver jewelry: ‘I’m romantic and honourably 

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