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How the Matharoos started their website

The Matharoo sisters are vain! The Canadians are obsessively in love with themselves to the level of narcissism. They enjoyed to no end splashing images of their ‘good life’ on social media. And on their Instagram pages, they regularly updated their 50,000 followers with their ‘luxury and jet-set lifestyle of designer apparels and accessories with vacation in dream spots across the world’.

As their posts on social media attracted massive followers, they started writing about their adventures on a blog dubbed, Metropolitan.

With millions rolling in from their escort operations, they began thinking of how to rake in more money from their engagements. The images in their private collection, which have now multiplied to include their customers, fanned their greed.

They began to toy with the idea of using the images for blackmail.  And bingo, a website that could  scare the wealthy to piss in their pants was thought of. And naijagistlive was born.

They recruited a designer and began uploading salacious and scandalous tales capable of ruining souls and damaging homes. In exchange for pulling off the damaging stories, or threat of using the images on the website, money exchanged hands.

They became more audacious and cold-blooded, brazen and careless, and faced everyone they could fleece.

Money rolled in as over 270 of victims across Africa were tormented. They were minting money! And as the months rolled by, they thought they were invincible. Until December 2016.

They had targeted Forte Oil’s Femi Otedola, harassing him with tales of pictures and videos of extra marital affairs, accusing his daughter of rollicking with his friend and disparaging his son and bad mouthing his marriage. He fought back.

The 54 year old billionaire set in motion processes to unveil those behind the website. And he got a breakthrough when crack detectives got a number of one of the sisters’ errand boys who was traced to Eko Hotel on Adetokunbo  Ademola, Victoria Island, Lagos.

When he was apprehended, he led the detectives to the ladies of easy virtues who eventually owned up to running the website with their Nigerian accomplice.

If the notorious sisters  had limited their operations to only sleeping with rich men, stopped themselves from recording them in compromising positions and desisted from extorting money from their victims, they might still be enjoying their jet-set lifestyle, free from cyber bullying and extortion charges.

Brazenly encouraged to use a public forum as a threat of exposure, the game of blackmail was perfectly set. And like all crimes, they made 25,000 mistakes which exposed their dirty game.


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