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How to assemble winner wardrobes without breaking the bank! (3) -fashion designers, stylists teach us how to look good on a budget

Looking good, they say, is good business; but it’s not always “good” on your pocket. Actually, it could punch a sizeable hole in it.

How? Good, quality clothes can be expensive, and assembling a good wardrobe could cost a lot, but not if you know a few tips.

We can’t all be like the rich who can afford to splash a ton of money on whatever catches their fancy in a bid to not only look good, but land themselves on the best dressed list.

The rest of us have to be really smart and savvy with the limited resources available; here the pros – fashion designers and stylists – share a few vital tips to assemble a good wardrobe without punching the proverbial hole in your pocket…


‘Don’t follow trends and labels’-JANE EKANEM, fashion stylist

How can one assemble a good wardrobe without breaking the bank?

You can assemble a good wardrobe without breaking the bank by not following trends and labels. You know what they say about ‘when the demand is high, the price becomes higher’.

Also, it is easier to recycle unbranded clothes (value for your money).

What pieces would you say are important in achieving this?

Pieces like denims, pieces with made with basic colour fabrics like black, white and gray should do this.


‘It’s all about mix matching with the essentials’

-DIMEJI SADIK FAGBEMI (fashion designer), DEEM

How can one assemble a good wardrobe without spending over the odds?

I think the key word “good wardrobe” cannot be over emphasised in this question. Every individual has his/her definition of a good wardrobe, but the generally accepted definition will be one with pieces that best suit the individual’s personality, body type, colour tone and weather.

What pieces are important in achieving this?

Pieces are generally available in three forms which are bespoke, off the rack or self invented. Whichever way best suit us, it is more economical to know the essential pieces to have in a wardrobe. An example will be a pair of denim for both sexes, a black dress for a lady, a black pant for a guy, a blue shirt for a guy, a colourful shirt for a lady and the list goes on.

Having a good wardrobe at a lower cost is all about mix matching with the essentials. Once you have the essential pieces, you can always dress them up or down with new pieces.

In achieving this, getting vintage pieces go a long way and also pieces that are not too tight fitting that could easily be revamped.

Depending on the individual’s personality, but I will say comfortable shoes, denim trousers, tee-shirts, corporate shirts for guys, long dresses, short dresses, skirts, scarves, blouses, flat shoes, heels sandals.

The personality reflects the colours one will be attached to, there are no specific colours attached to gender.

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