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How to avoid one-chance bus – Police warn

One of the fears of commuters, especially in Lagos state and its environ is boarding an unknown and wrong vehicle filled with criminals, otherwise known as One-chance.

DSP Joel Offor

DSP Joel Offor

However, one would expect that Lagos can be immuned to the scary but real tales of One-chance escapades peculiar to the Christmas season. But the reverse is actually the case as many keep falling victim of the ugly circumstance daily.

The main aim of the One-chance operators is to attack the unsuspecting passengers who board their vehicles. Some passengers, in the process may be robbed or murdered for ritual purpose. In either way, a victim or the attacked passenger will be left traumatized after the unpleasant experience if he or she is lucky to be alive after the incident.

This ugly scenario has played out in the lives of many innocent commuters, especially those who are first timers in Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly’s revealed that the act is still very much rampant and some innocent Lagosians have been trapped by the perpetrators of the evil called One-chance.

A trader who simply identified herself as Risikat Folake narrated her ordeal in the hands of One-chance operators along Iyana Iba-Badagry road recently. According to her, she was lucky to have escaped unhurt only that she was dispossessed of her belongings that fateful day.

“It was on a Wednesday morning, around 5:30am. I was going to Badagry to buy some items for my shop against Christmas and New Year because things are getting more expensive as the season draws nearer. I needed to go very early so that I could return early because I had to pick my children from school.

“But unfortunately, I boarded a wrong bus because I couldn’t wait any longer at the motor park. The driver of the bus at the park couldn’t get enough passengers to fill his bus. So, I decided to walk down the road where I boarded a fast moving vehicle (soole) not knowing it’s One-chance. I didn’t even bother to look at it very well before going inside because I was in a haste.

“After like six kilometers drive, the vehicle packed and suddenly three men stood up inside the vehicle and ordered us to surrender all our belonging, peacefully if we didn’t want to waste our lives. Initially, I thought all of us in the vehicle were genuine passengers not knowing I was wrong.

“We all didn’t have a choice, we just co-operated because they’re all fully armed. They collected all our money, phones and other items. I lost about N150,000 to the attack. Not only that, they also dispossessed me of my phones and ATM cards. After the operation they drove off the scene.

“I was lucky to see someone I knew, it’s the person that now helped me with transport money back home. Since that day, I have vowed not to board any bus along the road again except I am familiar with the driver or the park he’s operating from.”

ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke to a commercial bus driver, Mr. Ibrahim aka Ibro in Agege, Lagos on how to identify a One-chance bus. He explained, “There can be One-chance anywhere in Lagos but it’s not common here in Agege. Passengers only need to be very watchful so as not to fall victim. They should ensure that they board vehicle at motor parks, not those along the road that most of them don’t have any registered park or sticker for the purpose of identification.

“And people have to look closely at any vehicle they want to board if at all they’re standing along the roads. But generally, it’s very risky boarding any fast moving vehicle soliciting for passengers. Even it doesn’t matter if such vehicles wear Lagos colour or not. Any vehicle can be used.

“The safest is to come to the park and exercise patience to avoid falling into wrong hands.”

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on this on Monday, December 14, 2015, Lagos State Police Command’s spokesperson, DSP Joel Offor said, “Lagosians just need to be very vigilant and careful. They should avoid boarding just any vehicle. And when they see a vehicle filled with men only or just only one women which of course may be among them, they should shun that kind of vehicle.

“Also, they should be careful of where they board vehicles. They shouldn’t stand in dark areas where nobody will see them. It’s also important to note that most of these hoodlums operate late in the evening and some very early in the morning. So, people must be very careful of boarding vehicles anywhere anyhow. They’re advised to move to the nearest motor park and those operating One-chance use all these small vehicles popularly called danfo or cab. So, people should just take note of these to ensure their safety.”


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