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How to be super productive

You may not be as talented, educated or knowledgeable as other people, what will set you apart is working harder and smarter. These two are the real key to success.

Working harder is easy – but how can you work smarter? Co-founder of Hello Code, Belle Beth Cooper, gave tips on how make yourself more productive.

Choose one to three important tasks you can achieve in a day. Limit how many items you add to your to-do list. Make sure you work on those important ones first before moving onto minor tasks.

The best way to make use of the day next is by planning and writing your to-do list the night before. That saves time wasting in the morning.

The essence of working smarter instead of  harder is being more productive in less time.

Evaluate yourself by the problems you’ve solved rather than the time it takes to get it done.

Break your to-do list in smaller tasks, tick out when a task is solved. It makes your job easier and keep you going until all tasks is being accomplished.

Don’t procrastinate. To overcome this problem, build a routine that tells your brain and body it’s time to work. Find ways to get into a working mindset. You could try out exercising, stretching, taking a cup of coffee or eating breakfast or even have a playlist that would set you off into the day’s task.

Routines are a sign of people who have goals and have found  the best way to actually accomplish them.

Take time off. Sometimes a light exercise or taking a walk, makes one more productive. Plan activities or events after work. You should set dinner date, after-work meetings with friends or a family visit. This will make you refreshed and help your body relax after work mode.

The brain is able to remain focused for only 90 minutes, and then it needs at least 15 minutes of rest. When you take breaks every 90 minutes, it allows your mind and body to renew and ready to run again for another period of activities. Short breaks within work helps reset your attention span.

According to research, taking naps breeds creative thinking and good memory performance. Most importantly, it helps in retaining information better. A study on human memory found that participants did well after taking a nap than those who didn’t sleep at all.

Spend more time with nature. It helps productivity. New study revealed that humans are more motivated and learn better out of their environment. It allows the mind to fully relax and unwind.

If you need to work with others, it’s necessary you check in before you start your workday. It checks  to make sure you’re on the same page with everyone.

Deal with important issues first and see yourself being more productive.

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