How to be very good at sex

You can easily learn the art and science of love making! It is like mastering any other thing you are deeply interested in.

Sex is a natural part of every day life for matured people. It’s neither sinful nor bad.
Once you understand that, and you are comfortable with your body, then mastering and enjoying blissful sex becomes a piece of cake.
Here are the steps to get you to being far above average in the bedroom as compiled by
1. Love yourself, love your body 
That’s the very first step to mastering sex. You must first love the person you are. Loving yourself means you do things for yourself that improves you.
From your character to persona, circumstances to your body.
Develop confidence and be comfortable with your body. And date only those who love your body and who you are.
2. Learn anatomy
Read and research the human anatomy and understand the reason and function of body parts.
Check pictures and videos of male and female genitalia (not pornography, but biology).
Also know what’s normal, and differentiate them from depravity.
3. Wait till you are matured and ready
Once you are matured and ready, you won’t see sex as a sin. And that singular factor puts you up for enjoyment.
Once you are psychologically prepared and ready for copulation, many things are at play to set you up for a lifelong blissful experience.
4. Look for love 
Once you love your partner, it is easy to learn how to get better at sex.
Since you are comfortable with each other, you can discuss unashamedly about it. Find out what each enjoys and put them to practise.
5. Know the game and its tricks 
Like most things, sex is an art and a science you can learn.
So learn the game and the tricks of sex. And one of the greatest secrets of sizzling sex is adequate foreplay!
Slow, long and steamy sex also requires the right location and ambience.
6. Deliver more than you promise 
Like savvy entrepreneurs, you must deliver more than you promise.
You should provide unbelievable value added service.
7. Vary positions and locations 
There are acceptable sex positions that are not dangerous or harmful that you should try.
And sex is not only meant for the bedroom alone, especially when you are younger and more energetic.
Try the sitting room and kitchen (but not when you are cooking!).
8. Ask questions and satisfy yearnings 
Ask your partner questions, and satisfy yearnings that are reasonable and not dangerous.



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