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How to get the partner of your dreams in good time

Of course, everyone dreams of a happily ever after with a spouse that meets their criteria. Getting a partner of your dreams sometimes proves difficult and worrisome when it seems the years are going without your dream lover. Sometimes you ask yourself, “Am I going to die single?” The answer is NO! You are definitely going to get hooked soon. Social etiquette is a flavor that a man must have. A gentlemanly approach will make a lady inquisitive and curious about you, but coming too hard and strong will definitely make her run! Likewise, men are attracted to a woman’s physical structure, modesty and sense of humor – but it takes a woman of character to keep a man. It is so easy to dream and live in the fantasy world, problem arises when that dream is to be converted into reality. My advice for you is that, Do not settle for less, there is a lady/man out there waiting for you to come along”.

Are you interested in an amazing life and a long-term relationship? Read on!


  1. Be happy being alone and love yourself 

First and foremost, you need to be happy being alone. Hedging fast into a relationship because you feel lonely will result to hedging fast out of that same relationship. Love your own company, love everything that makes up you. Discover yourself for you to have something to offer when you eventually find the right one. Going into a relationship because of desperation will lead to perspiration. Yes! You will sweat tire.


  1. Understand yourself

If you don’t understand yourself, my dear you can never be patient with your partner. Understanding one’s self, knowing one’s flaws will go a long way in cementing how you relate and sustain your relationship. What you are is a reflection of how you see others. Build a positive view about yourself. Say no to low self esteem.


  1. Don’t expect perfection 

Perfection is just a myth. Yes! You cannot find a man or woman who meets 100% of your criteria. Dwelling too much on perfection will make you overlook some attractive characteristics your partner might have. “I am looking for a man with 6-packs and dimple”. You might see a man with 6-parks and does not have a dimple that does not mean that he does not have other features that is lovable and attractive. Remember, there is always perfection in every imperfection


  1. Know where to look

Writing a list of how your dream man/woman should look like is not even a problem. The list could go on and on and on, but knowing where to look is the main deal. You want a church goer for a partner but you are always found in the bar, like seriously? Or you want to date a banker but the sound of the teller machine gives you headache. Get your priorities right. Search the right place for your man/woman.


  1. Be real

Don’t be a pretender, be real. We have so many broken relationships because of pretext. Speak your mind, say the truth so that your partner will know you in and out and accept you the way you are, in addition with your baggage.


  1. Speak to be heard

Confidence is a prerequisite for speaking properly in a smooth and articulate manner. The fact is that, confidence is like a magnet. It attracts people. Most girls, when they get approached by males, they suddenly lose their tongues and start talking inaudibly. Speak loud and clear! Don’t be intimidated by anyone’s looks.


  1. Show interest in him/her

Talking only about yourself makes the date boring and it gives your partner the impression that you find him/her insignificant. Many dates end disastrously when so many guys/girls still ask, “What do I talk about?” show interest in your date and the conversation will flow.


  1. Approach, like a gentleman

This goes to the gentlemen, avoid making use of embarrassing cliché lines. What you don’t understand is that women like direct and tactful men who are romantic at the same time. Work on your communication and social skills if you know you lack in that department. I have seen a guy got slapped 2 minutes after he approved a lady. You really don’t want your wooing to end up this way.

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