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How to keep your vagina clean and sweet smelling (2)

The vagina is a very delicate part of a woman, so it should be treated thus by frequent washing and healthy hygiene. spoke with ladies on how they keep their vagina clean and sweet smelling…


Tessy Paul

I ensure I clean up with water after I use a toilet. Most times, I avoid using toilet outside the home. If I can’t help it, I use wipes and not tissue to clean up after I visit the toilet.

I also use antiseptic to wash my under garments.

I wash my vagina at every given opportunity, while bathing, after using the toilet and at night.


Sonia Joseph

I wash regularly with warm water, and twice a month after my period, I wash it with vagina cleanser.

I don’t go to bed with my panties unless I am on and I make sure I wash all my under wear with antiseptics once a month.


Tosin Alabi

Nothing special, just that I keep that place sacred. No unprotected sex that can lead to diseases. I also wash it well with water while bathing.


Uche Rhema

I wash my vagina daily. I also make sure I don’t wear anything tight. I  also allow ventilation.

I don’t like having any strand of hair on it so I shave almost every day.

I don’t believe in vagina wash, I rather wash with lukewarm water.


Vanessa Okere

I wash it with warm water every day. I ensure all my pants are white, that keeps me in check. Once I notice anyone is changing colour, I would get a new set.

I also don’t clean my vagina with any other substances except water.


Oluwaseun Talabi

I wash my vagina regularly. I also do kegels, it is a type of exercise that can help strengthen the vagina walls. Once in a while I go for medical check-up. I think everyone should do that once a while.


Zainab Bello

I exercise regularly, wash my vagina with water, and once a month after my period, I wash with vagina wash.

I don’t use sanitary pads for my period, I prefer clothes. I have special clothes I use instead of pads. I am not sure how hygienic most of this pads are. But I can take care of my clothes, disinfectant them and iron after use.


Titi Opeloyeru

Apart from washing with water, I go for medical check-up three times a year. It was in the process of one check up that I was advised to exercise daily. I was taught the kind of exercise that can help my vagina in top shape.


Vero Tonye

I wash my vagina with water. I also make sure my panties are all made of cotton. I only use them for two months before I get new sets.

I stick to a brand of sanitary wear every month. I  also use a brand of condom.

Once it is not my brand, I do away from it.


Victoria George

I don’t do anything special than to wash as many times as possible. I also take good care of my pants.


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