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How to keep your vagina clean and sweet smelling – Ladies’ reveal tricks

The vagina is a very delicate part of a woman, so it should be treated thus by frequent washing and healthy hygiene. spoke with ladies on how they keep their vagina clean and sweet smelling…


Temitope Kareem

I ensure I wash my vagina daily with water. I also give it breathing space by removing my panties when I get home from work in order to allow ventilation.


Esther Joshua

I wash my vagina daily and I shave it periodically when it is too hairy. Once in a while, I sleep without my panties on so as to allow ventilation.

I take good care of my undies, I wash them with warm water, antiseptic and soap.


Nkem Okafo

I wash my vagina with warm water and liquid soap. I always make sure I freshen up when I notice any funny smell, but I try as much as possible to shave at least every weekend.

I use deodorant in order to smell nice and feel fresh.

I also use wipes to clean up after using the toilet. Also, in order to allow free flow of air, I do not wear pants at night.


Abiodun Christiana

I shave on regular basis and I apply dusting power to prevent rashes.

I wash with water whenever I go to the toilet.

I wear two panties a day. I ensure I wear a free one at night to allow ventilation.


Rukayat Arowolo

I have never shaved my vagina before, but I wash it well with warm water three times a day.

I don’t like shaving because the more I shave, the more it becomes bushy.

I use vagina wash once a while because I don’t shave.


Bose Adekemi

I wash my vagina daily. I wear two panties daily and I ensure I go pant less every night to allow ventilation.

I wash with mild soap after I am done with my period. I also disinfect my undies as well with antiseptic soap, warm water and bleach.

I change my panties every three months. Once I wear them more than that period, I begin to have itiches on my private part.


Ajibola Eniola

I take my bath twice a day. I wash my vagina very well. I change my pad and panties more than once a day when I am on.

I can’t go to the toilet without wipes or tissue paper so as to clean up.


Abolore Adebayo

I wash my vagina daily with warm water.

I also shave whenever I feel uncomfortable.

I change my undies and panties every month.


Chinyere Chibuzo

I maintain good hygiene, washing with water regularly.

Not wearing tight under garments.

I shave every week, I don’t like seeing hair there.

I clean up whenever I visit the rest room.


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