How to know if you are good in bed

Men and women usually overrate their sexual prowess! We all boast about how good we are in bed, going on for dozens of minutes as our partners moan and scream.

But that is far from reality. Not many people are good in bed! Most just manage. Some don’t even enjoy sex.
And there are legions of disadvantages of leaving your partner dissatisfied in the bedroom.
So, how do you know if you are that good enough?
Here are some indications as compiled by
1. If your partners say so.
When your lovers moan and scream during sex, demanding more as they lose themselves in ecstasy, then it’s likely that you are good.
You should also wait for their confirmation when they land on earth after the romp. Once they reiterate how enjoyable it was, then you can rate yourself above average.
2. If they are happy after each encounter. 
When your lovers smile and are in a good mood after sex, it means it was good.
Any sulking, sadness or hint of displeasure is a sign of non-performance.
3. When they keep coming back.
If your partners keep coming back, initiating and encouraging sex, you are a good performer.
Lovers enjoy repeats of blissful experiences. 

4. If they pamper you.
Once a lover is very caring and fond of doing things for you, that’s love. But when they go beyond the ordinary, the physical chemistry is very extraordinary.

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