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How to know if your children are abusing drugs and alcohol

Drugs and lethal alcohol are commonplace in Nigeria as many young adults have easy access to these illicit substances.
From codeine to cannabis, cocaine to crack and more, drugs are everywhere. What’s more, drinks with high alcohol contents and cocktails spiked with ‘mood changers’ are ubiquitous.
Many young adults can easily become addicts. But how can parents know when their children and wards are experimenting with psychotic substances?
Here are some telltale signs as compiled by

* Sleeping patterns change

* They become evasive and elusive

* Eating habit changes

* They hide their eyes behind glasses even indoors

* They are hyperactive or depressed

* They look rougher or extremely tidy

* They are uninterested in many things

* Overconfident, daring or loss of self-esteem

* They have strange friends, not in their social circle or league

* They have unexplained expenses, broke

* They become disrespectful and cocky

* Their visage changes

* They use perfume and deodorant more generously



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