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How to make your vote count 

Elections into the 57 local government and development council areas in Lagos will be underway way in a few hours (Saturday, July 22, 2017). And if your are registered to vote and keen on fulfilling your civic duty, it’s important your vote counts. How do you ensure your vote counts? compiles steps that guarantee your vote counts:
1. Get your voter’s card ready.
2. Go to the polling booth with family members and neighbours. Never go slone!
3. Check your name on the register that’s pasted at the booth. Note your number.
4. Take your place on the queue for accreditation.
5. Vote (secretly and correctly). Remember, you are voting for chairman and councilor. 
6. Wait for the collation and counting. Count aloud and ensure correct figures are recorded. 
7. Ensure the mandated officers sign the result sheet on the spot. 
8. Take pictures of the exercise and record the result sheet on your phone.
9. Broadcast the result to discourage manipulation.
10. Stay safe and sound, and be alert.

-Agbolade Owolabi for

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