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How to match pocket squares



Gentlemen, real men, are particular about details!  And details, paying attention to little things, separate the great from the good.

Adorning a pocket square immediately distinguishes those who know from the rest.

A peep of square or ruffled silk in your jacket’s breast pocket catapults you to Premier League, as long as you are impeccably dressed.

Not parading a square deducts scores of points from your ensemble.

But adorning a square is only the beginning. Knowing how to match one with your shirt and tie requires painstaking study.

The masters prefer the no-fuss, no-frills white cotton, starched and ironed and carefully positioned in the breast pocket with only about a quarter of an inch showing.

If that’s all you do, you are at home in good company of classy dandies.

But once you want to be creative, you have to know your colours.

Kanye West

Kanye West

Ties, shirts and squares in the same colour, pattern and fabric are left to men in their 60s, well-settled who can do no wrong. Or the very arty type.

For those desirous of standing in line as well dressed gentlemen, you should pick a colour from your shirt or tie.  If your tie or shirt is plain, you can play with other colours as long as they are in sync with your total look.

Many squares (silk or cotton) have patterns or motifs; so ensure that they are not similar to the ones in your ties or shirts.

Once you check what gentlemen you admire do, and study mannequins on the high street and quiet mews, you will soon master the formular.

But remember, never leave home without a pocket square in your jacket’s breast pocket!

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