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How to protect yourself from rapists (2): +2 things you must do when raped!

‘Every survivor is different’  -JOY ONORIOSE

What is the first thing to do when someone is raped?

1-Joy Onorese IMG-20151010-WA001She should go for medical help, then report to the police. Even when they are not sure of what to do, they should seek medical help. They would be given medication that prevents HIV. Medical help will prevent them from getting pregnant, that should be done within 72 hours after being raped. Medical help would limit the risk involved in being raped.

How easy is it for rape victims to recover?

It is not easy at all. I am sure you have heard stories of people who have grown, may be 10 years after the experience, some of them still have issues when they get married. If the psychological effect is not well taken care of, it will reflect in future.

What is the recovery process like?

It might not be the same for everybody. Some people are unique in their own way of handling issues like this. You must know the person you are dealing with very well. Follow up at their respective paces. There are different stages survivors go through. There is a state of anger, frustration and so on.

How do you get survivors to get over their experience?

Every survivor is different. You have to follow at their pace. They might get over the experience and some might not get over it. First, let them know what happened to them, they should have an understanding of the feeling they have about what happened to them so that they would know how to deal with it.


‘Victims should speak out’ -BARR. JOSPEHINE ODIKPO

1-AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJbAAAAJDk5YTgwNjliLTU4YjAtNDhlZS1hMTMyLTI1NWRkZjQwMzk1ZAWhat is the first thing to do when someone is raped?

I think the first thing is to go to a hospital to get a letter that will prove that the person was raped. Going to the police without any evidence is not it.

What is the percentage of success rate of prosecution of rapists?

The percentage is low, but the awareness is on the increase. Apart from prosecution, there are no convictions. The percentage of conviction is really low. There should be improvement in that area.

Do you have tips on how to avoid being raped?

I can’t say this is what to do or not to do. I will rather advise mothers to train their son’s well to do the right thing. They should learn to respect the female folks. They should learn to protect them. They should know that rape is not an option. They should know that no means no.

What advice do you have for survivors?

I don’t think any survivor should see herself as a victim. She should be bold and courageous. She should not keep the ugly incident to herself alone. She should speak out. She should go for help.



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