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How to raise N180m for your birthday – The 30BG Way

  1. Be Nice: Only good people get credited. If you are the ‘wicked’ person among your friends, your bank account may even decide to punish you on their behalf.
  2. Open An ALAT By Wema Account: This will come in handy because you need to have an account that can withstand the wave of funds coming in. Any other bank account won’t cut it. Pele.
  3. Put Your Wishlist Out: Closed mouths don’t get fed. If Davido can do it so can you. If you don’t have a wishlist do it the OBO way or you can go simple and put this on your status – ‘if my shadow and your shadow have crossed paths send me money!”
  4. Call Your Friends To Contribute Money: All of your friends that would have put your picture out with ‘a king was born’ and ‘happy birthday to my day one’, call them out! Let them show you how much you mean to them in financial terms.
  5. Show Appreciation: Thank everyone that sent you money so others can be encouraged to continue the good deed.
  6. Pepper your enemies: How else will your enemy know that your birthday is causing alerts to ping off your phone if you don’t use screenshot updates of your ALAT credits to destroy their timeline?



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