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How to resolve Lagos chaplain’s mess

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The odoriferous stench which hangs in the air over the sack and eviction of the chaplain of The Chapel of Christ the Light, Venerable Femi Taiwo, has refused to blow away in spite of all the reasons cropping up to justify the injustice.

And concerned Nigerians who adore the Governor of the good people of Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode for his strides are proffering solutions to the stubborn mess which has taken the wings off the Lagos @50 success story.

Worried about the barrage of bad press and the avalanche of criticism on social media, fans of the government believe the issue of the chaplain can be easily resolved.


And here are five suggestions as compiled by


  1. The government should set up a proper panel to look into the matter.

A panel of upright members, including the governing board of the church, elders and unbiased members of the congregation should be inaugurated. And given only one week to look into the matter.

There should be fair hearing at the panel.


  1. Apology to the chaplain by the person who signed the sack letter and injected eviction from the vicarage in it.

An apology should be forwarded to Venerable Femi Taiwo for the haste in sacking him without following due process and the insertion of eviction in his letter.

Since the tenancy law of Lagos State recommends six months notice before eviction, those who authorised and carried out the eviction should be penalised.



  1. While the panel sits, Venerable Femi Taiwo should hold his peace and stop revealing more details about his travails.

He should address the press and tell them that he believes in the fairness of the panel.


  1. Church members of The Chapel of Christ the Light need to be appeased.

The congregation must be informed about the steps being taken to give the sacked chaplain fair hearing. And they should have trust in the panel and continue to support the church and stop talking about the scenario.


  1. The outcome of the panel’s investigation should be made public.

And redress and punishment that is fair and just pronounced.

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