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How to save a jealous relationship

A small amount of jealousy is a good thing. It serves to protect your relationship, comport yourself  and makes sure we look good for our partner. However, excessive jealousy has a negative effect on you – it destroys  relationships.
A jealous relationship can be saved with these few tips…
It’s important you have a life apart from your partner. The more fulfilled you are in life, the more confident you feel about yourself, the less obsessed you will be about your partner.  Involve yourself in things that makes you feel good and happy.
Discuss with your partner about it. Communication has a long way to go in protecting a relationship. Talk to your spouse when a case of jealousy arises.
Be well grounded. Don’t allow self-esteem feed on your insecurity and jealousy. Avoid measuring yourself with someone in another relationship. It makes you feel you’re not good enough with where and what you have.
Just because a partner cheated on you, doesn’t mean all partners will! If you find it hard to stay faithful to one person, you may as well assume others are the same. Don’t generalize. Have a positive outlook in the relationship you’re in.
Use social media sparingly. Do not stalk your exes to see if they’re still single or dating. Checking comment sections on Facebook or Instagram constantly, won’t do you any good. Social media is the jealous person’s worst friend. Use it cautiously and as little as possible.

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