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How to successfully calm Niger Delta Avengers

All over the world, there are anti-government groups who champion their campaigns through various methods; the most dangerous of these groups could be rebels, extremists r militants. Regardless of the name they may bear, the impact they make in a community and the nation at large is usually very destructive.
Government of many countries around the world in the past, and even presently, have had cause to deal with diverse militant groups. Some adopted measures which yielded great results of positive national significance, while others, adopted measures which led to very deadly incidences claiming lots of lives, properties worth millions and even economic standstill.
These groups are too many to mention, but, no doubt, they have been handled. From the Red Brigades in Italy in 1970, the Northern Ireland, Protestants vs. Catholics violence, the HAMAS group of Israel, and the Red Army Faction of West Germany.

One militant group staring the Federal government of Nigeria in the face right now is the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), with the government of the day yet to figure out the best way to pacify this militant group which has executed so many destructive attacks in the country.
These are some practical ways to handle this issue :
1.      President Buhari, as the grand commander of the federal republic should call for a meeting or summit where the average Niger Delta youth and the members of the militant group can freely walk in without fears and with confidence that he will be listened to, and the suggestions or recommendations proffered will be considered by the government.
2.      The President, key decision makers, security agencies and other versatile stake holders are expected to grace such summit in person and not by sending representatives; this is a way of telling what the priority of the government is and having a genuine account of the people’s claims.
3.      Agencies like Niger Delta Development Commission and the Niger Delta Ministry that have been in place should be funded and restructured with a clear directive of what to do in the sole interest of the people and the nation.
4.      Provision of helpful information and factual data should be made available to the public when uncovering plots of militants.
5.      There should be stated effective laws instituted to decisively handle the excesses of such groups who still choose to partake in destruction of strategic assets and facilities of the government.
6.      Like it is in the United States, a firm policy of never negotiating with terrorists can be adopted and announced by the federal government where individuals convicted of terrorist acts will be charged.
– ‘Seyifunmi Adebote for


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