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How to treat a lady if you want more and better sex

Want more and better sex? Then learn and master ways that will position you to enjoy endless and continuous access to the lady of your dreams.
It is easy to have as much sex as you desire as you hone skills between the sheets.
ENCOMIUM Weekly compiles some of the means and ways to get more and better sex:

1. Be a gentleman with confident and considerate ways.
Women love a confident man who is surefooted and knows what he wants. They can actually smell confidence! And when it’s worn like a second skin, it melts their hearts.
Added to your confidence is the consideration and tolerance you display, especially in treating those who are less privileged and struggling. Being kind and caring sweep them off their feet.

2. Date a woman of your dreams who’s possibly above your league.
That satisfaction of being in the company of a worthier partner keeps your blood on fire. And the constant reminder that you need to treat her with utmost consideration and respect fuels your libido.
With fixated interest, your physical desire is at an even keel.

3. Be interested in her life, in her world.
Show that you really care about who she is and what she does. Ask questions about her family, where and when she was born, and more.
Those probing but unobtrusive questions relaxes and makes her comfortable around you. It shows that you are not only about getting under the sheets.

4. Devote time, energy and resources to wooing and keeping her.
Remember the maxim, ‘A man does not need to tell you what’s important to him. You can tell by what he spends his time and money on.’
So treat her to lavish expeditions your income can afford and buy gifts to mark important occasions in her life.
Cinemas, lunch and dinner dates, parties and trips will show her how much you cherish her company.

5. Make her relaxed in your company.
Never rush or be selfish when you eventually bed her. And keep your bedroom (or wherever you plan to have sex) clean. Ladies have keener sense of smell.
Accept her body, and reiterate how much you love and care about her.
Ask her how she wants to be treated between the sheets, and satisfy her. And always ask if she’s enjoying it and what she wants you to do. And give her!

6. Spend time with her after sex.
Don’t just sleep off, dash out or invent excuses about going out.
The extra time after sex, the deliberate and slow moves of dressing up and what you do thereafter will determine whether you have succeeded in her books.
Let her look forward to more romps.



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