How Tonto Dikeh and Churchill celebrated shame

For months, star actress and mother, Tonto Dikeh and her estranged husband (Olakunle Oladunni Churchill) have assailed us with offensive and odoriferous stench of their marital mess. And without restraint, cross boundaries of shame with alarming revelations by those who once professed love.

As Nigerians run for cover to catch their breaths from the salacious details regularly brought to public space, the couple reveal more damning expose before we recover from the previous scandal.
Bent on setting records as the most combative and shameless separation, it may be difficult for others to beat this benchmark of outrageous impropriety.
Here are ways the parents of one year old King Andre have exhibited bawdiness as compiled by
(1) The dowry was finally refunded by the family of the actress as they got tired of the mess regularly splashed in public space.
The demeaning and dirty details exposed by the once-upon-a-time lovers were too shameful to bear by decent souls. And their kith and kin decided that an annulment of the traditional marriage was better.
(2) Their parents were dragged into the bitter spat with Olakunle Churchill accusing Tonto Dikeh of pushing his mum, and the actress insinuating that her husband and his mother touched themselves inappropriately.
These shocking revelations capable of damaging souls took the cake!
(3) Other sensational accusations of being a penniless fraudster, violent assault resulting in broken ribs, wilful damage to household items, illicit drug abuse while breastfeeding, sexually transmitted diseases and more were beyond limit.
(4) They even took their fight to Ghana where Police had to intervene. Property was said to have been damaged and arrest made.
(5) Another actress, Rosaline Meurer was dragged into the fray, and accused of sleeping with Churchill and getting a jeep from the liaison.
(6) Their nanny was smuggled into the bitter exchanges as the poor woman was torn on whose side to stand.
(7) Their one year old son King Andre is a constant figure in the fight.
With the return of the dowry, scores believe it marks the end of the tiring, unpalatable saga capable of scaring decent people from a rewarding union.

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