‘How we cope with harsh weather’ –LAGOSIANS

The heat being experienced across the country at the moment keeps getting unbearable as the earth gets even hotter at night. The global change in climate and constant abuse of the environment by man which leads to excessive discharge of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere are said to be largely responsible for the intense heating of the surface which started a couple of months ago, and may not subside any soon.

However, the situation is not peculiar to Nigeria alone. It’s reportedly being experienced by the entire tropical region of the world.

Some Lagosians ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with explained how difficult it is to cope with the harsh weather.


MIKE FATUNDE – The heat is just extra ordinary. This is the first time I will be experiencing this kind of weather in Lagos. I understand it’s due to change in climate which cuts across the world.

Now, it’s very difficult to move around in the afternoon unless you’re inside a car with air condition. Even, the heat is much also at night. One can’t sleep well. The only thing I do at night is that I open my windows and sleep naked. If not, I won’t be able to sleep at all.


YISA ABDUL – Since I came to Lagos about 10 years ago, I have never experienced this kind of heat. Even, if it has just rained, before you know it, the heat will start again. That’s why you see me putting on only trousers and a top. The heat is just too much. I can’t even sleep at night. And when you can’t sleep at night, it affects your activities the following day. I only pray it stops very soon.


BEATRICE ORJI – It’s a kind of unusual heat. I can’t even explain it at all. I have developed skin rashes being a fair-skin person. Even, my little kids can’t sleep well at night. In most cases, we open all the windows to allow fresh air in if any. Maybe the situation could have been better if there is light. But in our area, we hardly get light now. May God help us. This kind of harsh weather mustn’t continue like this or else people will be developing different kinds of ailments.


LOWO ADEGBERO – The weather is extremely hot now, and I don’t think it’s going to stop soon. I leanrt it’s as a result of global change in climate. Those in the north are crying now. Even, it’s a little better here in the Southwest. I find it difficult to wear thick materials now. I rarely put on underwear to avoid skin rashes. I bathe two times in the afternoon anytime I am at home. And when I return from work in the evening, I go to the bathroom straight. I also wake up at night and take my bath so that I can sleep a little. It’s very difficult to cope under this intense heat. It’s only God that can save us.


YEMISI DADA – The kind of weather we’re experiencing at the moment is very terrible. Even, it’s hotter at night. I can’t sleep well again. At times, I bathe like two times before the day breaks. I can’t even use cream anymore because of the heat. That kind of weather can cause sickness. I am experiencing it for the first time. Even fans blow hot air now so that you can realize how hot the weather is. But I learnt it’s not only Lagos, it cuts across the country. We only need heavy down pour before the heat can vanish. It’s then the weather can be cool.


EMMANUEL NNANA – The weather is just too hot this time around. I find it difficult to cope. I now wear more of short sleeves than long ones. In most cases I don’t sleep covering my body anymore. The heat has caused skin rashes all over my body. I only pray God can suppress the heat. It’s long ago we experienced this kind of change in climate. Unless you have air conditioners at home and in your office that you can enjoy small. And now, power supply is not even regular.


TITILAYO ADIGUN – The weather is extremely hot at the moment. Even if it rains now, it’s still the same thing. I don’t understand the kind of weather we’re in now. It’s getting more unbearable. Now, I sweat almost every minute. And I can’t bathe at work. I bathe more than three times before I go to bed. And to worsen the situation, there is no regular supply of electricity in our area. It’s just too difficult coping with the situation.

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