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Hysteria trails horrific video of nanny manhandling baby


An unnamed Namibian nanny manhandling 9 month old Laila Theron has been remanded in custody till October as she faces attempted murder charge.

The baby was thrown violently into a crib, held by the leg as she’s dangled in a horrific video that has sent shock waves across the world.
9 month old Laila cried all through as her parents Johan and Anne-Marie Theron were beyond inconsolable after watching the video from the secretly installed camera.
The scars on little Laila was worrisome and her parents installed the camera which nailed the nanny who was arrested last Friday and arraigned on Monday
  • onyekaochaVery harsh. Why throw a baby like that, and to think she was already close to the baby cot. Such evil.
  • miss_bikini_bottomBlack witch!
  • slenderruePrincipalities as nannies these days…such evil witches…sick!
  • julianaokeShe is insane
  • uberprincess_This is ridiculous!
  • k4kosi😡😡😡 this video is quite disturbing…nawa o. Chukwu gozie gi Odira, your type is rare in this world. 20+ years and Mum never complained.
  • mestartessyIf I catch one nanny do this to my child . Na so I go throw her dead body inside hidden pit self , the rest Na God go solve Am for us
  • lisolammyOh my God
  • jennyladderAm sorry to say this but that lady deserves to remain in prison for the rest of her life. As a matured lady no amount of frustration would make u transfer aggression to an innocent baby that basically doesn’t know her left from her right.sad so sad
  • mz_adibaJeez!!! This is awful
  • folabornOne of the reasons I wouldn’t want have a nanny
  • dazzlingqueen22Oh Jesu!!And u a woman. There is God oh!
  • fab_abby4some pple r devil incarnate
  • anittadaisyShe is wicked
  • missmoyoThis is horrible! Even if I have 3 sets of triplets I am never getting a nanny or a maid! This is just too much for me mehn! If I feel this way I can only imagine how the mother feels. That nanny can’t be normal. Pray the baby heals🙏🏽
  • officialhenggyGosh! Terrible nanny.
  • ngozi_nnanna_noel_ogambaServes her right….she is a beast to treat the innocent child that way….thank God this was detected….
  • opy_rMy God 😡😡😡😡they shud nail her alive 😡😡😡😡
  • mayreelekeSome women are just monsters
  • adeyinkafolashadeSome people are just too wicked
  • iam_officialririgeniusThe word ‘trust’ exist but it’s meaning doesn’t. she trusted her with her little one now look out came out of it. Smh!
  • thegooddoctorutchiiThey should go on the roof and fling her the same way if she survives cool if she doesnt cool as well…demon
  • seventhlordWow! That is crazy.
  • graceezekielJesos! Did they force the bastard to take d job? What kind of wickedness is this na..why will poor person be this wicked? Is her poverty not enough wickedness already?
  • alexiss_cloverOMG! Why she gon’ be wicked like that?
  • diiphillipo_constructionJesus
  • mz__munaThis is disturbing
  • seraphicchicFoolish girl
  • silvaedannyIs the nanny still alive, bring her to me. Why did she report to the police. My blood is hurt now.
  • __swanky___ann__Reason y I cant do Nanny…. Am still dealin with d thoughts of wat happens in ma son skool during skool hours And praying dey treat him well talk more of ds…… I will xo butcher u cos I cant deal……. Pure wickedness….
  • chiomaijezieShe has a big brain problem. Idiotic fellow
  • nenyo_majestyWicked people! If you don’t want to work sit your stupid self in your house, stop practicing witchcraft on the innocent people that employed you..
  • temibloomsJesus is Lord! Why?!!! I’m so pissed off right now. What if the baby had hit his head on something hard?! Why are people this wicked to infants and little defenseless children?😡😡😡
  • keller_mcdaveGod this kind of cool temper humility that will make me see somebody do this to my child and still have time to charge the person to court give it to me. 🙏
  • lookman9What a crazy world we live in!🙄


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