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I ‎​am living up my dream- Tinsel cast Matilda Obaseki

Delectable actress, Matilda Obaseki is living up her dream. Among her childhood dreams was to be a career woman, have a happy home and also blessed with children She is elated that her dream has come to pass ‎​​​In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she spoke glowingly about her marriage, son and career.

She also told us how fulfilling Mnet‘s series, Tinsel has been.
1-Fullscreen capture 942015 65417 PMCongratulations, how does it feel to be married?

It feels great, when I was growing, there were so many things I wished to do when I grow up, I think I have done everything now. I wanted to be a career woman, wanted to have a happy home, also to have children. It is fulfilling being in a happy marriage. I thank God for everything.

What is the best thing about being married?

I don’t have to worry about a lot of things, I have someone to cater for me, I ‎​am not trying to make ends meet, I don’t have to worry on how to make so much money ‎​​​in order to handle a lot of responsibilities. It is really good to be taken care of, I thank ‎​God that ‎​I married my best friend. More so, I ‎​am so busy at home, ‎‎​my husband, son and the home front is there to take care of. I thank God for everything.

What has changed about you now that you have married?

Apart from ‎‎​my hair cut, nothing really has changed about me.

Why did you decide to wear a short cut?

I wanted to cut the hair earlier than now, ‎​I wanted to cut it when I had ‎‎​my son. Though, I usually cut it once a while, may be every two years or so. I just feel ‎​I can cut it now that I have finished selling my market (laughs).

What was your husband’s reaction when he saw it?

He said I looked different, but it is nice. I think he likes it.

How do you combine motherhood, the home front and your career?

It has not been easy, I have a lot to do, ‎‎​my son is a year and half, I ‎​am still breast feeding him. I have to go to location as well. I must be home with ‎‎my son as early as possible, so it is difficult to take other jobs. I ‎​am a working woman, full time wife and full time mother. I have learnt from Omotola, she is a mother, wife and career woman. She has been able to juggle them nicely. I ​am learning,‎ ​I know it wouldn’t be easy but, I am coping.

What is the best thing about being a mother?

The best thing about being a mother is waking up in the night, to see ‎ your son beside you. Motherhood also makes you more responsible, it also makes the world a better place you have the responsibility to cater for ‎ your child so you will put ‎​​​in your best not to fail.

Most people find it hard to cope with all the responsibilities that comes with marriage and career?

If I don’t want ‎‎​my career to affect ‎‎ my Marriage it wouldn’t. I don’t see marriage affecting a woman’s career. Marriage should be your first priority, ‎I think it is the divided attention, they have to pay attention to a lot of things. As for me,‎​ I ‎​am crazy about ‎‎ my son, I want to be there always for him, sneak up on the nanny when she is taking care of him. I just want to be a ‎​good mother, so ‎​I don’t think marriage cant.

How did your path and that of your husband cross?

I met him at a barbecue spot on December 21, 2011. I helped a friend schedule drink and barbecue for a small party. I really don’t go out but was dragged into it by a friend. While we were there, he walked up to me and asked for ‎‎ my number but I declined, later ‎‎​my friend said about 20 people demanded ‎‎​my contact that day but there was this close friend of his he wanted to give ‎‎​my contact to, he said they  schooled together. I agreed that he should be given ‎‎​my pin. We started chatting, he fixed a date but I was reluctant about it, he later got my address, came to my house and that was.

What was the attraction?

He is passionate about whatever he believes in, he will tell you what ever is ‎​​​in his heart. He is the type that will tell you the truth without being in your face. He is very matured in his approach to things and also diplomatic.

What do you cherish most about him?

His loyalty, he wants to believe the truth about every one, it is hard to find People who are loyal to a fault. He also holds unto people, he has friends that dates back to primary school days. He does not need any body to make him happy, he makes himself happy and he believes ‎​​​in himself, he is a complete gentle man.

It seems you are comfortable with soaps, we don’t see you in movies?

I love acting but I feel people act not because they love to but just to outshine others as if they are competing. Since I had ‎‎​my son, I have had over six scripts but ‎​I rejected most of them because of ‎‎ my home. My family comes first. I don’t just believe ‎​​​in taking any script. If I get a ‎​good script today, I will definitely take it. I also believe scripts should be gotten on merit not necessarily when you run down someone.

How fulfilling is Tinsel?

It has been ‎‎ my dream come true. It looks as if I am living ‎‎my dream life. I feel comfortable with everyone on set, apart from ‎‎my family, that is another family I have.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, October 22, 2013



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