‘I am enjoying my marriage with JOHN FASHANU’ – ABIGAIL FASHANU, wife

LAST week, former soccer star, John Fashanu spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly, debunking tales he has separated from his wife, Abigail.  The football ambassador maintained they are still very much together in love.  And now, the woman at the centre, Barrister (Mrs.) Abigail Fashanu is adding her voice to also deny the rumour.  The practicing lawyer who is the mother of ex-beauty queen, Adaeze Yobo spoke to ENCOMIUM Weekly in a telephone chat on Thursday, June 5, 2014, from Abuja (the Federal Capital city).

“I am not aware of all this.  It was my husband who called my attention to it and those kinds of things make me laugh.  As a couple, we have attended social events together and we are still doing that.  We were on AIT programme where we were interviewed.  It is a programme on celebrated couple.  It is on Youtube.  We were also at Senator Joy Emordi daughter’s wedding last weekend.  We have been to orphanages as a couple for our birthdays.  So, I don’t understand why people bother themselves about whether they see us together or not. In fact, if they want to see us together, they should come to our house at midnight.  It is normal people talk about us.  Since we were married we have been staying in Abuja.  We travel on few occasions and whenever we are in town it’s in Abuja where I also have my chamber as a practicing lawyer.”

But why do you think such rumour is flying around? we asked her.  “I wouldn’t know.  People just like to fabricate lies probably because I am a quiet type.  I don’t make noise all around.  I concentrate on my work and home.  Even as a professional, I still create time for my husband. We create time to be together so no gap exists between us.  All I can say is that enemies wish our marriage crash.  They only wished, it won’t come to pass because we are meant for each other.  They said the same thing about my daughter, Adaeze last year and she replied her adversaries.  She was strong and overcame.  If she can be strong against all odds in marriage, then I am a lioness.”

How are you enjoying your marriage with Mr. Fashanu? we probed her further.  “Marriage with him is very good, everything is perfect,” she ended.

John Fashanu and Abigail were united as husband and wife via registry in Abuja in 2011.  Fashanu, 51, has two children from former wife, Congolese beauty queen, Melissa Mapsi and another one from a previous relationship.  His legal practitioner wife on the other hand at 47, has four children from her first marriage which ended by divorce 12 years ago.



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