‘I am excited to be back on Project Fame’ – Bolanle Olukanmi

Ebony skinned Bolanle Olakanmi is excited to be back to Project Fame. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her about her role and much more.


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How does it feel to be back on Project Fame as one of the hosts?

I am very excited and proud to be back doing what it is that I love. Project Fame is such a great show.

What will you say the producer of the reality show saw in your brand that has kept the relationship going for three years?

I am true to myself. The key to being a great presenter is being true to yourself. I have fun on stage and it’s obvious.

What should fans expect from you as you co-host the 9th edition?

Lots of smiles and I will be bringing it again with the fashion (laughs).

What is special about this year’s edition?

The contestants this year are extremely talented, they have very strong vocals and also a lot of potentials. So, I am looking forward to seeing how they will grow.

How will you describe the experience so far?

It’s been hard work and also a lot of fun so far. We have been doing Project Fame for nine years , so we are always trying to make sure that we keep it as engaging and entertaining for our viewers.

How challenging is it hosting Project Fame?

It has been more of a learning experience for me. I enjoy learning more about the behind the scenes for production and seeing all the factors that go into making the show as amazing as it is. It’s inspiring to be part of Project Fame.

How does it feel whenever your favourite contestant is evicted?

I do not  have any favourite, but I am always a bit sad when any contestant leaves because I know how tough it can be for them to be evicted, but I have to remember that it does not  mean it’s the end of the dream for them.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy entertaining people, there is something about being able to make people smile and also having the opportunity to be part of such a monumental show, that makes me very happy.

Is Bolanle in a romantic relationship. If yes, tell us about him?

No, I am not.


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