I am grateful for clocking 50, says Adewale Ayuba

Gangling creator of Bonsue fuji and dancing machine, Adewale Ayuba clocked 50 on Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly,  the amiable entertainer, he gave a graphic analysis of his relationship with God, why he’s married to only one wife as against the norm in his genre of music and more…

Adewale AyubaHow does it feel clocking 50?

I give God the glory. If I am not mistaken, it is like 18,000 days of life. There is always a time you don’t know the difference between food and fire, you are able to triumph and live up to 50 years, all glory to our Father in heaven.

Do you feel 50 because you don’t look 50?

That is what people say. I will give that to my Father in heaven and my wife in the house. I also think it is rest of mind. I am very lazy going to the gym but the type of job I do involves running around, jumping, dancing and so on. Most important, I give God all the glory.

What is the greatest lesson life has taught you at 50?

Life belongs to God, everything as well. We are here to be tested. We will go back to where we came from. Vanity upon vanity. Then focus on God first, serve Him, make Him happy. If you do that, you wouldn’t hurt your fellow human.

Will you say your new age comes with more maturity as an entertainer?

Yes. When I was growing up, producers used to advise me to do meaningful songs that people can learn from. I am able to stick to that.

Your happiest moment in your 50 years of existence?

I woke up four days ago (Tuesday March 24, 2015) and realized that I was 50. I was able to lift up my hands, I looked at my side and I saw my wife, I called my children and they wished me happy birthday.

Saddest day, Sir?

I don’t have any.

Will you say you are fulfilled at 50?

Yes, I thank God. Fulfillment doesn’t mean money. I am a Christian, I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. We are hale and hearty. My name is known worldwide, I give God the glory.

What will you say has changed about your perception of life?

Getting closer to God, doing things that will please him.

How many years have you put into your career?

I started when I was age seven. If you minus seven from my age, you will get 43.

What are the innovations you have injected into the genre?

I am the artiste God used to take Fuji to the learned in Nigeria. I have been able to take Fuji to non-Yoruba speaking people. I have recognition from different people. I got an award (Kora award) that is African Grammy.

Adewale Ayuba & Wife-001How have you been able to manage your career and conduct yourself that you are never involved in any beef with any of your colleagues?

I give it to God and my orientation. It is also about what you want. Some people buy chieftaincy titles. With me, I don’t see myself as a star but a musician. If you call me king, that is your wish for me. I don’t take such things so serious.

Who are your friends in the entertainment industry?

Everybody. When I call them, they answer. If they have anything doing and they call me, I will go. We are all friends.

You are married to just a wife which is unusual among fuji musicians. How are you able to distinguish yourself in this kind of practice?

It is what I met in my family. My father married one wife, why should I do anything contrary? I am the last child of the family. All my elder ones married one wife. I had it in mind that if I cannot allow my wife to marry another husband, I shouldn’t marry another wife.

There is this rumour that you have converted to Christianity?

People call me a Muslim not because I practice Islam, they believe because I am a fuji artiste, I should be a Muslim. 90 percent of fuji artistes are Muslim. I am the only one that knows what I do in my house. People also call me Alhaji, they gave me a lot of titles not because I go to the mosque. I appreciate all my Muslim fans, a lot of them are Muslim. I have gone to Hajj. I was sponsored by Lagos state government, I have given my life to Christ.

Tell us about your family?

My wife is Azuka. I have children and they are doing well.

Is any of your children taking after you?

All my children sing and dance, they play instrument. If they want to go into music professionally, why not, I will encourage them.


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