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‘I am happy that I’ve made everybody from Mushin proud’ – WANDE COAL

CELEBRATED R & B artist, Wande Ojosipe, popularly known as Wande Coal, is excited at the moment.  He featured in the one-in-town video of D’Banj’s Mr. Endowed Remix, parading Snoop Dogg.  This was written all over his face when ENCOMIUM Weekly visited the Bumper-to-Bumper crooner at his Maryland, Lagos apartment recently.  He poured his heart out on his role in the said video and the impact it will have on his career.


What are we expecting from Wande Coal in 2011?

Everybody has a New Year resolution, so does Wande coal.  This year, I pray to God to take me to the next level in my career.  The next level is the greatest place to be right now. For Wande Coal, I am on tour right now of the UK and other places.  This year also, I am going to release my singles.  So, my fans should watch out for me.

What is this single all about, give us the details?

It’s going to be released before the end of this year.  That is what I can say for now.

Can you share with us your experience with Snoop Dogg during the shooting of D’Banj’s video?

First of all, I was privileged to be part of the movement.  We are taking the Nigerian music industry to the next level. It had been a long time we have such international collaboration.  It was a huge success for us in Mo’Hits.  I want to give kudos to Nigerians and to tell them that we have done it.  We hope other people in the industry will do the same and even better than us.  I was very close to Snoop Dogg, I hugged him.  We talked and he loves our style of music.  The truth is that he wants to work with us. Basically, I will say a big kudos to D’Banj, Don Jazzy because it’s not easy.  Mo’Hits came into the industry in 2005 and now, it’s a wonderful experience and a success story.

What type of person is Snoop Dogg?

Waoh!  Snoop is down to earth, I wouldn’t lie about that.  He knows Africa well and understands our ways.  This made the whole movement easy.  He has the element of Afro-American blood.  When it comes to music in Nigeria, D’Banj is the best thing that is going to happen in 2011.

What have you learnt working with Snoop?

First, Wande Coal is still learning and I have learnt a lot, especially working with Snoop.  I believe a lot of musicians have not got the opportunity of featuring international super stars.  So, it’s a privilege.  I have been in the group, watching the movement growing.  But now, it’s my time.  I saw all that transpired during the shooting of the video.  I was part of it.  Americans have different approach to things.  They work with time and it shows that we still need a lot of hard work.

From what you saw in the making of the international video, what do you think Nigerian music industry is lacking?

We still need a lot of trained and skilled people in the industry.  We need video directors and hi-tech equipment that are sophisticated.  Basically, I think we lack professionals in this game.  We lack a good structure in the industry.

Do you see PMAN making impact in the industry?

About the PMAN issue, I really don’t want to say anything about it. I hope their problems will be solved one day.

Your voice is no doubt your selling point, what preservatives do you give it?

There is no special preservative for my voice.  It’s God’s gift and I am using it well.

Some people take some kind of food or drink in order to preserve their voice.  Do you have anything like that?

Truly, some people do that as you have rightly said, but my own is natural.  I don’t have a special food or drink. It’s God’s gift, like I said earlier.

How has it been being with Mo’Hits?

Being together with Mo’Hits has been very great. I have achieved a lot.  Imagine Wande Coal from Mushin to Mo’Hits.  It’s not easy.  We stay together and the more we live together, the movement goes bigger.

What are those things you really miss about Mushin?

I really miss my freedom. I was a free person during my days in Mushin.  Then, I used to sing everywhere in Mushin, beating my chest.  Today, I am happy that I have made everybody from Mushin proud.

Can you tell us about your love life?

I am very single. I know you want to ask if I am in a relationship.  But I am still single.

But searching?

No!  I am not searching.

In two years, where would you like to see yourself?

I want to be known all over the world, I want to see Nigerian music industry growing. I want to feature in a lot of international collaborations.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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