‘I am happy we staged a successful show despite all odds’ -Chinor Amaka, Miss Heritage Award organizer

On Sunday November 30, 2014, Chinor Amaka, organizer of Miss Heritage Nigeria gathered fashion and culture lovers for the fourth edition of National Heritage Awards and Miss Heritage Nigeria. The event at Oriental Hotel, Lagos was witnessed by dignitaries from different spheres of life, and two queens were crowned Miss Heritage Africa and Miss Heritage Nigeria respectively. They were both given a Hyundai car for their brilliant display of Nigeria culture and heritage. They were also placed on a monthly salary for the duration of their tenure. A luxury trip to two African countries also awaits the queens.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with the organizer and the crown queens about the event.

How does it feel that your dream has come to fruition?

I feel very happy. I am excited. I had a lot of challenges, people failed me but I kept on believing God. He has not failed. I thank Him that people I invited came. It was wonderful. I am happy that my guests enjoyed what I had for them. I am calling on government, corporate bodies to see the beauty, uniqueness of this dream and buy into it.

How much went into preparations for the event?

A lot of money, effort went into it – getting the plaque, the magazine, the fabrics all contestants wore, the venue of the event, name it, a lot of money and effort just to make sure the event was a success.

Will you say the purpose of the award has been fulfilled?

Of course, it has. I bless the name of the Lord.

What were some of the challenges you faced?

Basically financial, getting money to stage the event. Some people suggested I should put it on hold but we made up our mind to continue, we got some people to sponsor us, we are grateful to them all.

Where do you have in mind for the next edition?

Lagos is the hub of entertainment. We hope to stage another here. At least, we have staged a successful show so far, it will be a much better edition.

JASMINE NKEM MBAONU (Miss Heritage Africa)

Untitled-1Congratulations, how does it feel winning?

It feels great. It is a starting point for my career. It will elevate me and promote our African culture and heritage. I thank God Almighty.

What gave you an edge over others?

It is just God. I thank Him for it. If not for Him, I wouldn’t be here today. My parents also encouraged me a lot that I should not give up.

Were you into modeling before now?

No, not at all.

Which pet project do you have in mind?

I will talk to the organizers about it, we will decide on the best project I can embark on.

BENEDICTA UBA (Miss Heritage Nigeria 2014)

Untitled-002How does it feel emerging Miss Heritage Nigeria 2014?

Awesome! I am amazed. I appreciate God, I am grateful to Him. I thank Him that He brought me this far. I have been on this journey for a while now and today, it has finally paid off. It is fulfilling, I am grateful.

Were you into modeling before now?

Yes, I have done a couple of facials. I am also an actress. I have acted in a couple of movies, Second Chance, The Maid, amongst others.

What gave you an edge over others?

I just believe it is God. I did my best and believed things would work out fine.


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