‘I am not competing with Davido, we are family and my time will come’-B Red, HKN act

With a disarming self confidence and looks that melt hearts, HKN Music act, Adebayo Adeleke or B Red could easily pass for a Hollywood superstar.

The United States-born cousin of star crooner, Davido is set to rule the airwaves with his latest offering entitled Cucumber which features international act, Akon. In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the young light-skinned bloke spoke on his latest effort, why he shows off on social media and debunks the notion that he is trying to compete with Davido.

Your new single, Cucumber featuring Akon drops anytime soon. What’s the song about?

Bred-3The song is telling a story of me liking a girl, and she liking me too. But she’s not wanting any serious relationship, she just wants to sleep with me. All she wants is the cucumber. I’m saying I don’t want one

night stand but that’s what she wants. It’s a nice song, a party song and you’ll love it when it drops.

Did you write the song with the intention of featuring Akon or how did it come about?

Interestingly, I wrote it and did it alone, but after the Meek Mill video with me and Davido in America, we went to Akon’s studio because Akon is on David’s album too. While at the studio, after Davido

played his songs for him, I also played Cucumber for Akon and the way he reacted, he was like please play that song again. Even Davido and his manager were surprised that what’s going on when he made me play it for him like four times. He fell in love with the jam and said I should leave it with him and the next day, I collected it. Normally, you have to pay for something like this, but it is the grace of God, I got it for free. Akon is a legend so I was happy and thanking God.

So, is this your biggest song yet?

Of course. It’s my first international collabo.

How do you feel about it?

I’m happy. It’s only a few people that have collabo with Akon in Nigeria, P Square, Dbanj, Wizkid, Tubaba, Davido and me.

Why don’t you drop songs frequently, you’ve been around for a couple of years now but have dropped just a few singles, why?

I don’t want any artiste to feel offended but I don’t believe in dropping singles like that. I like to take my time and allow any song I dropped to enjoy enough airplay so people can feel it before I drop another. I have over 100 songs recorded but it’s not about dropping songs anyhow, it’s about careful planning. This song with Akon for instance, I feel it’s going to be a big hit.

Have you shot the video?

I’m going to shoot the video in two weeks.

What’s delaying the release of the song?

I want to release both audio and video at the same time.

Why do you like showing off cash on social media?

Because it’s my Instagram.

Must you show off your wealth?

It’s not wealth I’m showing off. N500,000 is not a lot of money. It’s just two thousand pounds. I just landed from America that day and I had no cash so I went to the bank to get some and felt like putting it on my Instagram. What about American artistes, dem dey post cash every day. Once in a while you can do it. Not like I’m trying to be cocky or something but it’s no big deal.

Don’t you get comments from fans?

I get a few comments, someone said “get out, it’s Davido’s money” or “You don go collect N500,000 show again” as dem don count the money. I don’t pay too much attention to the comments.

But do you feel hurt by some abusive comments?

Of course, I’m a human being so some bad comments hurt me.

So, are you planning on dropping an album?

Not yet, I’m still building my fanbase.

Davido just graduated from school, what are your own plans?

I stopped school for a while; I have two more years to go and I’m going back to school by September. I had to stop to do music and get my name out there but I’m going back this September. As soon as I graduate, I’ll start working in my daddy’s power plant.

If you start working in the power plant, won’t it affect your music career?

Not at all. Even Davido wants to start working in the power plant. My Chairman also, CEO of HKN owns a power plant that his daddy gave to him so he goes to Ondo from Monday to Friday. I can do any other job with music. My uncle is the first governor of Osun state, now he is a Senator, I could go into politics if I want. God will lead me aright.

With your good looks, have you considered acting?

Of course, I would love that. Honestly, I’m open to it. I really want to do it, I’ll be happy if that opportunity comes along. Tell the producers to come and call me. I’m open to Nollywood. Acting is fun.

How many girlfriends do you have?

I have one. I’m actually single now but we’ll probably get back together. you never know.

Some people say you’ve doing music is to try and compete with Davido?

How can I compete with family, that’s crazy. That’s the devil’s work if you want to compete with a number of your family. In every group, one person will bow before the others. Just like in the defunct Mo’Hits, it was D’Banj that first blew before Wande, D’Prince and the rest. My time will come sooner.

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