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‘I am not in competition with anyone’ – Iyanya

Iyanya Mbuk is sure enjoying his new family Mavin Records and he says he has no regrets moving to join the music record. And his new effort under the record label is enjoying massive air play.

The Cross River state act who won the MTN Project Fame reality music challenge in 2008 has proved that he is definitely a force to reckon with. In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly he told us how he left Made Men Records and his plans for the future…


2016 is running out in some weeks; how has the year been for you?

I will like to say 2016, was a beginning of great year for me, I believe this year was when I reaped the fruit of my labour and I enjoyed all the stuff have worked out in this year.

What is your 2017 projection for the Iyanya brand?

Take what I said from 2016 and just double it up. 2017 is going to be bigger, better and more quality songs.

You have been out of the scene for quite some time now, why did it take you so long to surface back?

I was working, I was underground making music and because I just left my former management, I also needed some time to sort my life out. I was still making music, I’m of no regret and I’m ready to give them all the stuff I was working on and definitely sure my fans will embrace and like them all.

Your new single Up to something is currently enjoying massive buzz; so as a follow up, what are you up to?

It’s good music, more content and most definitely more success. I am currently working alongside my new management deal to give the fans what they have been waiting for; remember  it’s a new world, new movement, Mavin activated and the most important aspect of it is the fact that it’s an exciting moment for me too.

Since the release of your first single on the Mavin Records platform, what have been the comments of people towards the song?

Love! People can’t wait to see the video, the audio was doing very well, and we are dropping the video very soon. Everything has been happening the way I believe it will happen, because I always tell people it’s also good to take sometimes working, be out there dropping music and making new stuff. Up To Something is doing very well and the video is coming pretty soon.

Will you say made the right choice by joining Mavin Records?

I have no regret, Mavin is a wonderful team full of talented people, and it’s directed by Don Jazzy who is one of the biggest in the game in Africa. In the whole world if you want to say Africa’s great musicians, you cannot miss that name. Being a part of the Mavin is also a new journey for me, because I’m working with someone who has been there before so it’s an opportunity to also learn more stuff. I’m not rushing to have that title, I don’t need you to give me the title. I just need you to pay me for my song and my services.

How long did it take to make that decision?

To be honest, it wasn’t planned, it just happened. To be honest, I can’t remember when I left Made Men Records. It took me a couple of months for us to make this decision. After I released the single, Gift, last year, I left Made Men Music and I joined Temple Management. I needed to work with someone who understands the music industry and can help me fulfill the dream of getting my music right. And that’s why I went with Don Jazzy. I chose him because I realized the need to work with someone to bring out the real Iyanya, which is the singing Iyanya, and at the same time, commercialize the music.

Mavin Records is filled with exciting artistes. Do you see yourself blending in fast?

I love Mavin because they are a family and I now see why they have been successful. They work as one and it’s a great family to be with.

Are you not intimidated by the other members in Mavin Records?

We are all one. I am not there to compete with anyone, I’m not there to struggle on nothing. I’m there to do my own thing, the platform is big enough for everybody just like the sky is big enough for the birds to fly. Can you count the bird in the sky? Everybody there works together, that why they always win, somebody is always there to support and encourage you. I’m there to make great music. Since I joined Mavins, it’s been nothing but love.

As an act on the label, will Jazzy in any way influence the kind of lyrics you put out?

Don Jazzy is incredible and so talented, like I said have been learning stuff since I started working with him.  So I’m sure with him directing my music, you will hear another side of me. He will definitely have an input in lyrics; on my part I will write my lyrics but as structured team there is need for checks and balance.

As someone who went through some challenges; will you say you have any form of regret in the cause of your career?

No regret. I’m not one of those people scared to make mistake, every day am getting better. I started from 2008 and I’m still here; I left but I’m still here. So that will tell you I am still strong.

What is that one thing life has taught you?

I have learnt never to mix business with friendship. When you are doing business with someone, no matter how close you are, you must understand that you have two relationships with that person and you must always respect your business.

Are you not under any pressure to want to quickly put out an album?

No, I told you I am not struggling for anything. My fans are my fans. When I drop stuff they will pick it up, as long I drop good stuff. You are hot because you have good music. Once you don’t have good music nobody cares. I’m happy that my music is doing well and I keep saying it that I’m on my own level.

At 30, when are you likely to settle down?

I don’t know. I refuse to get married. But I will get married when I am ready and when I find someone I am ready to spend the rest of my life with. That is not a decision you should make in a hurry because people say you should get married, I don’t want to get married and divorce my wife.

How has it been with Tempo Management?

Happy to be with Tempo Management so far, they put me in the position where I can relax and make music.

What gets you angry?

I am very slow to anger, but one thing that will make me angry is disrespect.

From your past songs, which one do you hold so dear to your heart?

I love Kukere, because that song changed my own life. The song came at the point where I taught I needed to change my sound.




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