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‘I am not married to Rachel Bakam, she is just a good friend’ – John Fashanu

Nigerian former international footballer, John Fashanu has denied being married to Rachel Bakam, the popular Hausa actress and TV hostess.

He said both of them are still going through their divorce proceedings in court and so marriage is not in their radar now.

He, however, agreed that they are very good friends and more…


Have you heard the rumour making the rounds about you and Rachel Bakam?

They said we are married.

We didn’t hear that. What we heard was that she is the love of your life now?

Really? I am not married. I am not divorced yet. My divorce has not come through yet. Her own divorce has also not come through yet. But it is nice to be in the same business. She is a very progressive young lady. She’s been funding her own television show for nearly eight years and she has made a success of it. I have been in the game for many, many years. We seem to think the same way. For now, things are going extremely well. We are blessed. But she is not divorced yet and I am not divorced yet.

If the divorce goes through, is there any likelihood that both of you will eventually get married?

I don’t know about that. Marriage is far too early. I have still got a former wife who now wants to be a wife again. You know these things happen. But you know, I want to move on with my life.

I am very happy, Rachel is a very wonderful person. She is a wonderful friend. Let’s take our time this time so that where we made mistakes last time we will not make them again.

Equally so, even in the Bible said man must not be alone. I don’t want to be alone. She is a nice person. We see how it goes.

Does that confirm the rumour that she is the love of your life now?

No, no, not at all. She is my friend. A very good friend, a wonderful person.

Are you not going out with each other?

Yes! She is my girlfriend. A very good friend, a wonderful person.


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