‘I am qualified to be Lagos Speaker by all ramifications’-Hon. Moshood Oshun

HON. Moshood Olanrewaju Oshun is a member of Lagos House of Assembly.  He won in the last House of Assembly election for the third term in the hallow chamber.  He is representing Lagos Mainland Constituency II.

He is also said to be eyeing the Speaker’s seat of the assembly.  ENCOMIUM Weekly took him up on this and his victory at the polls.

How easy was it for you to win?

Nothing good comes easy but we thank God. It was a good battle because the party has done well. I have also done well.  Going back to the people telling them what I have done and why they should re-elect me.  They agreed with me because I have never left them for once.  Anytime I was called upon, I have been there for them.  Like I said, nothing good comes easy.  It was a well fought battle.

What was responsible for your victory?

I have been part of my people. I have been with them right from birth.  I am a Mainlandre to the core.  I was born in the Mainland.  My primary and secondary school were in Mainland in my constituency.  I am very close to them and they know they can reach me anytime.  I have two constituency offices.  So, it is not difficult for the people to reach me anytime. I go to my constituency offices at least two, three times every week.  I have been part of them and I have an open door policy.  I don’t give my handset to any aide to receive my calls.  I pick all my calls myself.  I have always been available.

Has your opponent congratulated you?

Yes, he sent me a text congratulating me.

Have you extended your hand of fellowship to him?

Immediately you are elected, you become the representative of everybody in that constituency.  Not just politicians, even people that are not politicians. So, I represent everybody in Lagos Mainland Constituency II.  So, my hand of fellowship is therefore, to all residents politicians and non-politicians alike.  I thank all of them for their support and I promise not to disappoint them.

Can you give us a conservative estimate of what it cost you to get this victory?

To be honest with you, I don’t know but I know I have not spent above what the law permits.

What does the law permit?

(Laughs) Like I said, I am within the ambit of the law. I have not spent more than what the law permits.  I must also tell you there are many people that contributed to the success of the election, my friends, family, corporate bodies that supported the campaign in their own little way.  Either by material or moral support, people were there for me.

Before the election, what we heard was that you were too young for House of Representatives seat.  At what point did you change your mind to go for the House of Assembly seat?

Yes, I was going for House of Representatives seat but at a stage we sat down in my constituency and decided my people want me to go back to the House of Assembly.

Is it true that you have shown interest in the Speakership of the Lagos House of Assembly?

This is a party thing and the party will decide where it (Speakership) goes.  It is not just about zoning.  The Lagos House of Assembly has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the legislative arm can work very well.  There is a standard set by the House of Assembly.  So, anybody coming as Speaker must maintain that standard.  That is what we all want.

By all ramifications, I am qualified to be Speaker.  This is going to be my third time of coming into the House.  So, I am qualified. I am also from Lagos Central senatorial district.

Have you indicated your interest to the members and your party leaders?

The Speakership is not something you campaign for.  It depends on your colleagues and what the party leadership thinks of you.  There are many things that will come into play.  What you have done as a member of the house.  Can the members trust you?  Are you a team player?  Are you effective?  Do you have the charisma to carry your people along?  All these come into the fore.  One thing is for the members to trust you, to believe in you, to believe in your leadership.  And another thing is for the party to look at your loyalty.  Have you always been loyal to the party?  There are so many things that will come into play.  But, like I said, by all ramifications, I think I am qualified.

Now that you are coming for the third time, what are you going to do for the people of your constituency?

What I have always been doing for them.  I am going to make myself available.  I am going to be in their world.  I will make sure their rights are my rights.  I will make sure everything they are entitled to is what I work for.


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